We have always had a welcoming place in our homes and hearts for pets. After losing our beloved Zeus to illness over the winter, there was an empty space. hubby missed having a big clumsy dog greet him at the door when he got home, even if he had just been to the corner store and back. The kids missed having that fun, crazy companion who never seemed to run out of energy to play with. I missed tripping over him because he had to lay in the kitchen where we were, he was a big part of the family. 

One day, hubby was looking on a classified website and thought he saw a ghost. An exact twin to our light brown and tan coloured, fawn Doberman Zeus except one thing, she was a girl and young. We didn't even need to talk it over and even though I don't know for what, her owners at the time posted that ad for a reason. We answered the ad and Daisy joined our family shortly after. 

When we first brought Daisy into our home she was only a couple of weeks short of 10 months old. She was very much still a pup, a big pup in need of alot of patience and love. You see, we don't believe in treating a dog like a "dog". Making them do everything except sleep outside, not making them feel like part of the family. This is how Daisy was treated. She was caged 12 hours a day and only let out to eat and use the back yard for her duties. At one point she was even cruelly shock collared for barking instead of taking the time to train her as she should be trained. It left marks on her neck that they tried to hide under her collar. Her previous owners did not understand the true value of what a dog like Daisy could bring. 


Daisy seemed lost. She did not know how to behave and thought that doing laps around my living room was OK. She thought jumping on people and playing rough with the smaller dogs was OK. She thought that knocking her food dish all over the kitchen floor because she didn't like it was OK. No, we don't do that here. Instead of punishing her, we showed her how to behave. We scold her when she does wrong and treat her when she does good. We make her feel like she is part of our family, she even has her own bed beside ours in our master bedroom. 

Daisy's cage is being sold to the next person who wants it and we told the previous owners to keep that shock collar. We don't need those things here. Daisy no longer does laps around my living room, she sits on command. She no longer
jumps at people or rough houses (as much) with the smaller dogs, she has learned to play nice. She no longer knocks her food dish all over the kitchen floor, it turns out she loves Iams compared to her old kind. She is shown patience and love, she is thankful to be here and we can tell from the unconditional love she gives back to us. 

Do you have an Iams Love Tail to share? Iams is calling all Canadians to dig deep down into your heart and share a Love Tail moment with your four legged fur baby for a chance to have your story included in the next Iams ad and a years supply of Iams food! 

How can you enter?

From now until March 3rd head on over to the IAMS Facebook Page and submit a picture of your pet along with your Iams Love Tail story (500 characters or less). You must have used IAMS in the last month to be considered. It's best to use a photo with Iams in it too! 

After the submission phase is over, Iams will select 50 stories (25 dogs and 25 cats) as semi-finalists. From the semi-finalists, Iams will then select 10 finalists (5 dogs and 5 cats) who will each win Iams food for a year! Finally, in April, Iams will ask its Facebook fans to help by voting for their favourite Love Tail from the group of finalists and one grand prize winner will be selected. Click here for full requirements. 

To learn more about this contest and everything Iams please visit http://www.facebook.com/IAMS

Disclosure: True Love Tail Story posted by AME on behalf of IAMS in participation as a P&GMom. Perks and incentives are received as part of this program. All opinions and comments expressed on this blog are those of the author. 

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