There are two sides to technology: the good side and the bad side. The good side is that technology allows us to be productive in our every day lives, it allows us the freedom we need to keep connected. The bad side is that its expensive and technology changes every few months, it can be hard to keep up and we can end up slowing down. 

When I first started writing A Motherhood Experience those *almost* four years ago, I actually started writing it on an ipod - for the most part. I would jump on the ONE desktop computer we had at the time when I could to upload pictures and do things my iPod wouldn't let me but otherwise I was tapping away on my hand held, shooting out bad post after bad post. Hey, at least I can admit my personal posts about my kids and daily activities could have used a little more creativity. How we learn as we grow!

Speaking of growing, back to my story. Like I said, I started writing this blog on my iPod touch. Growing through networking, I had been gifted with my own netbook by a friend of mine (I'm still thanking them today as this one tool has been a doorway to a whole new world of opportunities for me and my family). It's a great computer, its mobile and it works. I'm actually still using it although not long ago I actually wanted to be rid of it. 

It started out like any other brand new computer, it worked and did what I needed it to do and got me where I wanted to be. With the change in technology over time and no physical updates except software, this old beast was starting to show its age. 

It was slow, laggy and really upset me when I wanted to come online to do something "quickly" only to have it crash, freeze or whatever else and half the time I would end up just shutting it down and forgetting about it until I decided I had no choice to get some work done, slow or not. One of the reasons my blog posts had such big time gaps between them for a while. It's pretty bad when your smart phone is faster than your work computer! 

Hubby is a tech and I kept telling him it was too slow and he wondered why I was getting upset and saying I wanted to "throw it out the window". He hadn't really taken a look at it in a while (because it takes me so long to do my own work he never gets the chance!) until one evening he asked to use it quickly to look for something online. I laughed at "quickly" and then he realized exactly what I meant. It took him about 20 minutes to do something that otherwise would have taken him 5 and we have high-speed internet! I was working on an outdated, slow, turtle computer. I'm surprised I didn't give up on it sooner. 

That's the beauty of technology though, most things are upgradable and in hubbys eyes there is no giving up on them. There is only making them better and that he did! For Valentine's Day he gave me the gift of speed, I'm talking about new RAM for my computer!

Oh how romantic! Seriously, I'm a big tech geek so RAM is actually a better gift for me when I needed it rather than flowers or chocolate (I actually DID get chocolates too) which only last a couple of days here if they are lucky.

It took him minutes to install it for me, I'm a writer not a tech so don't ask me to install anything except maybe software onto this thing. Talk about a difference. I feel as if I was missing out for the longest time, it feels as if I have a brand new computer and the best part is the RAM only cost $20. It's already paid for itself if you really think about it. 

So, my "workstation" is fixed. It beats having to fix the window from it flying through! ;-) 

Disclosure: Personal Post by AME. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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