As much as I love drinking pop, I always have this guilt inside knowing it's not good for me. There are 42 grams of sugar alone in the leading brands cola and that's not including the preservatives and other ingredients we can't even pronounce. Not to mention having to recycle cans and bottles rather than be able to reuse them when we are trying to teach the kids about being "greener". 

Cutting cola and other sodas out of my house is out of the question, there is always a small case in the fridge (not only I drink them!) but I do now have a healthier, environmentally friendly alternative to serve to my kids and also enjoy myself with less sugar, calories and additives. 

Making soda at home is simple now with SodaStream. SodaStream is exactly what it sounds like - a soda making machine! You don't need a plug, batteries or anything to run it! 

How does SodaStream work? 

SodaStream uses carbon dioxide gas, water and flavouring to create yummy, healthier, home made fizzy drinks! 

We received the SodaStream Source to take a look at and try out for ourselves. Set up is super easy, following the step-by-step instructions. 

First you insert the C02 cylinder into the back of the SodaStream machine. Second, rinse out the included reusable metal accented carbonating bottle and fill it up to the line with water. It's recommended to use cold water when creating your drinks. 

Once you have properly inserted the bottle press down on the front top of the machine until desired C02 density appears, cool LED lights let you know. It does make a loud sound the first time, I didn't have any warning (the dogs freaked out, everyone had a good laugh). Luckily the carbonating part only takes seconds so it doesn't last long. 

You can have just a little fizz, more fizz or a lot of fizz. After you add the fizz, take the bottle off and slowly pour your flavour into the bottle. I say slowly because your drink will end up fizzing up and you will have a mess (almost happened to me!). Once you add your flavour, cap it. To mix simple rotate the bottle, again slowly and voila! You have yourself a yummy drink! 

The SodaStream Source system comes with:

- Source drinks maker
- Carbon dioxide cyliner (makes 60L depending on how much fizz you use per bottle of drink)
- 9 Sodamix flavour samples to make 9L of sparkling drinks

We received a variety of flavours, including the 9 that come with the machine. There is a drink for just about everyone from sport drinks to tonics, fruity beverages and regular or diet colas. They are simple to make and satisfy everyone. 

I am picky when it comes to pop, I have a particular brand I enjoy and have for years. Now, I wouldn't totally replace my favourite pop totally but for a different taste once in a while, the SodaStream Source does the job! Very tasty!

They also offer other drinks like Kool Aide, Mojitos and more on the website. You can pay via PayPal too which is always nice to know. 

Orange Mango Sport! 

The only thing I can see wrong with the SodaStream system is the size of the bottles. They offer a .5L bottle which is great for personal use, the 1L is a good size too but for someone like me with more than one person drinking the beverage it would be nice if they also offered 2L bottles with caps that seal them to keep the fizz for longer. 

Other than that, after you invest in the machine itself, some accessories and flavours, SodaStream can save both money and also less for you to have to recycle. 

SodaStream machines, accessories and flavours can be bought online or at stores such as Sears, The Bay, Walmart and Canadian Tire. 

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Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of SodaStream Canada. We received a complimentary starter kit for review purposes. Opinions and comments on this blog are original and those of the author. 

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