Spring ahead, fall back. We do it twice a year - change the clocks back or ahead an hour for daylight savings time. On March 10th we will be springing the clocks ahead an hour and getting some much needed extra daylight (and maybe extra vitamin D) in our lives. 

With the reminder of Daylight Savings its also a good time to remember to change the batteries in your smoke detector and go over some simple family-friendly fire safety rules with your family. The Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs in partnership with Duracell recommend these simple yet essential steps to maximize fire safety within your home:

- Install at least one working smoke detector per storey of your house and outside all sleeping areas. Test your alarms monthly and remember to change the batteries twice a year during daylight savings.

- Create a floor plan and fire exit plan that clearly outlines the best way for the family to get out of the house incase of an emergency. Post it in a common area such as the fridge where everyone can see and make sure to practice your fire drill once a year. You can even make it a family thing by creating a special date to preform your family fire drill. 

- With everything being electronic these days from computers to telephones, wires are all over the place. Keep wires safely out of doorways and avoid running them under carpet which is a fire hazard. Also never overload your outlets with too many plugs especially power adapters which can tend to get hot and overload causing fire. Use electronics that are approved by recognized agencies like Canadian Standards Association (CSA). 

- Enjoy candles like I do? Make sure candles are completely out, use a candle douser instead of blowing on them which can send the flame flying if your not careful. During a power outage use flashlights or battery powered lamps instead of candles. 

- Cooking is the number one cause of fires in the home. Remember "look while you cook" and never leave unattended food cooking on a stove top. 

- Give space heaters space. Keep them at least a metre away from flammable items like curtains, bedding and magazines. Remember to turn space heaters off before leaving the house or going to sleep. Also keep children away from space heaters at all times.

Be safe and have a happy spring everyone!

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  1. Good safety reminders thank. I'll try to remember to change the batteries in my smoke detectors this weekend when I change the clocks.

  2. thanks for the reminder, I so know I am going to forget about the clock change and hubby is out of town. lol we could be on the wrong time for a while! lol

  3. Good reminder. I have to change batteries for the smoke detectors too

  4. Great safety tips. You can't always rely on the smoke detectors beeping when they're low on batteries.

    Totally forgot about springing forward as we're in Mexico, we won't be springing ahead with you. I'll have to remember to change (two hours) when I get back.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo


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