Our little man turns five years old this week. Five years already, wow. Time sure has flown right by. 5 is a major milestone birthday, in my opinion. No longer is he a baby but my tiny Miracle man has grown into a wonderful, bright little boy who is a joy to be around every day. 

It's hard to believe that was me in that picture, five years ago. Holding our little boy in the NICU at the general hospital. I always knew he was a special little guy. 

He started junior Kindergarten in the fall and has been thriving. He went in as a quiet, timid little four year old without a clue about the big big world he was about to embark on. 

We did find out along the way that little guy has delays in speech development and it does affect his overall learning abilities but with our help, the help of the school and friends around him, he has improved and continues to show improvement, beating the odds and proving them wrong again. 

He may have trouble pronouncing some words but he thrives in so many other areas. Recently he was honoured in school along with a select other few children in recognition of showing love for their school community. He received a special certificate at an assembly in front of the school! Proud mama moment!

He always wants to participate in games, even if its just his big sister. He always wants to help me, even if I'm just doing a simple task - he shows he is always there for his family. He has a favourite stuffed animal, a dog he named Ruffy (after my Chihuahua). Some nights he won't go to bed unless he has the dog tucked in bed with him. He likes to sing and dance, even if he doesn't know all the words. He's scared of the dark but insists he's a "Ninja Turtle" - his imagination is wonderful. 

He's all a little boy could be and more from his love of animals to his interest in anything with wheels - he is my little man with so much to give to the world and he is only five years old. 

This week I celebrate my little miracle man, all he has brought to the family and to me as his mother. Everything is totally worth it from the sleepless nights of the baby years to the fears they bring us getting on a school bus for the first time when they tell you they love you each night before bed. You know you are doing something right. 

He may not say much but he knows how to say enough to melt his mama's heart. Every. Time. 

Happy Birthday Little Man - Love always, Mommy. xox

Disclosure: Personal post by AME. Images by AME.


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  1. Happy birthday to your little guy. I had many of these same feelings when my oldest turned 5 last summer.


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