I like having the option of taking the kids out with baby in her stroller for anything from a family walk to running errands, instead of taking the bus or car. One thing I hate is carrying a ton of baggage for one or more of the three kids. With baby comes lots of stuff and when we are out she still needs bottles, diapers etc. A diaper bag is great but what about something insulated for bottles? 

The Playtex ® SmartCool ™ Bottle Tote On-the-Go is the perfect stroller accessory! This handy insulated cooler bag holds up to 3 standard sized bottles and keeps them cool for up to 14 hours! This bag is great for storing both warm and cold bottles as its insulated as well as there are two full sized removable freezer gel packs *one on each interior wall of the bag*. If you have extra things to carry there are three deep pockets for storing extra items. There's even a detachable pouch to carry an extra bottle nipple or pacifier. The bag is made with a nylon type material, similar to that of a lunch bag which makes it easy to just wipe clean!

It has sturdy, thick zippers and a handle on top to carry if needed. It's a very well made, durable bag. Another great thing about the Playtex ® SmartCool ™ Bottle Tote On-the-Go is that it actually has multiple uses. You can store bottles when you travel, have baby babysat or have a day out with the family or you can keep snacks and drinks fresh for toddlers and older kids too! It's big enough for bottles but not too big to put inside a diaper bag. I can see this will be being used time and time again in our family for sure! 

More information about Playtex visit the Playtex Mommyville website! If you'd like to purchase the Playtex ® SmartCool ™ Bottle Tote On-the-Go you can find it exclusively at Babies R Us

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Playtex. Products were received for review purposes. Opinions and comments expressed on this blog are otherwise those of the author. 

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