An important part of being a parent is teaching kids about the world around them. Teaching kids that helping others can make a difference, no matter what anyone can make a difference in their own way.

Founded by Marc and Craig Kielburger, Free The Children's National We Day is an extraordinary event dedicated to inspiring and educating youth from across the country to take initiative to change the world for a better tomorrow. National We Day is taking place in the Ottawa region this year on April 29th - next Monday! 

You cannot buy tickets to this event, they are earned by students/school groups participating in an annual We Act. They can choose one local and one global initiative to follow of their choice. We Day is a celebration of all their hard work throughout the year and an energetic informational day to inspire more to join in and make their difference. 

We Day is a day 4,000 Canadian youth, educators  entertainers and leaders come together to celebrate the accomplishments of our youth involved in We Act. We Day is the movement of our time, a movement of young people leading change in their own communities and around the world for good. 

Some of the speakers and entertainers lined up for this years National We Day (taking place in the Ottawa/Gatineau region) are Martin Sheen, Kardinal Offishall, Karl Wolf, Shawn Desman, Cast members from Degrassi, Rob Stewart, Molly Burke and Spencer West just to name a few! 

I am proud to say that I will be attending this years National We Day in Gatineau (along with other local bloggers I'm sure!) as part of the Telus VIP crew and I get to bring my oldest daughter K! Telus is one of the title sponsors of National We Day! 

We will have a behind-the-scenes look at We Day as well as the opportunity to ask questions and interviews too! I am so happy to have the opportunity to bring my daughter, although the age for students to attend is around 12 years old I think this would be something my daughter could benefit from, a learning experience. Plus she gets a day out to see some of what mom does :) 

I think National We Day is going to be a fantastic and informative event, I have read many great things about it from fellow bloggers who have went in other cities in the past. I can't wait to share our experience with all of you!

Speaking of sharing, as part of the Telus VIP crew they sent me this nifty Blackberry Z10 to capture our moments and memories with! Now, I have never owned a Blackberry. Frankly they didn't interest me before as I have always been the type to like a phone that just does more. Previous models had a keypad, I am no good with typing on a tiny keypad. Touch screen is the way to go for me. 

To my surprise the Blackberry Z10 is actually a really impressive phone, I am really enjoying getting to know the new operating system and apps, my favourite feature so far would have to be the new touch screen. I am happy they dropped the keyboard and updated the technology. It makes it a much more functional and useful phone for a social media person like myself. I will elaborate more about functions and so forth in an upcoming post! 

I have only had it for a couple of days and am still getting to know it (including the camera) but I can't wait to really put it to use at We Day and capture all of the memorable moments that will be happening that day! 

If you would like to learn more about We Day visit www.weday.com. There are videos and pictures, tons of info about it all. If you have a question you would like me to ask any of the speakers at We Day please feel free to leave your question in the comments below the post! :) I'll try my  best to ask what I can! 

Stay tuned for my official National We Day post next week, I can't wait to share! 

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Disclosure: Posted by AME. This is not a sponsored post however I am participating in We Day as part of the Telus VIP crew. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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  1. Would love to attend We Day! Can't wait to see all of your pictures and read about.


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