Ladies, picture it: Tired after a long morning, you are walking through a very packed and busy store trying to buy things you need for your family dinner that evening. You are on a tight schedule and don't have much of it to spend in the store. With you are your children, including a baby in a stroller. This sounds just like a mix for a sweaty situation. 

The baby begins to cry, the kids begin to fight knocking over items off the shelf and the people behind you in line begin to develop annoyed looks on their faces - Don't sweat it, Handle it with Lady Speed Stick. 

Lady Speed Stick Power provides long-lasting superior protection to help women feel dry and fresh, in any sweat-inducing situation. 

I have used Lady Speed Stick in the past, it has always been one of the few kinds I will turn to when shopping antiperspirant. I am quite active and sweat quite a lot (running after kids, who doesn't!) so I need an antiperspirant that not just masks smell but actually keeps me dry and also smells good. 

I was sent along two Lady Speed Stick Power antiperspirants in fresh fusion and cool breeze. I have always been a fan of the solid, invisible antiperspirants than the gel kind. I don't like the wet feeling or waiting for it to dry before being able to finish getting dressed. 

Lady Speed Stick does its job without having to reapply throughout the day or even in the evening like some kinds are needed. It doesn't leave any residue on your clothes and goes on invisible as said. The gel kind is actually surprising as it dries much faster than other kinds. Lady Speed Stick helps keep me dry in any sweaty situation! 

Check out how this mom-to-be handled her sweaty situation:

Lady Speed Stick Power has tough, invisible 24 hour protection and comes in four great scents to keep you fresh from morning until night!

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Disclosure: Sponsored post by AME on behalf of Colgate Lady Speed Stick and part of SheBlogs Media. Opinions and comments on this blog are otherwise those of the author. 

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  1. Kids fighting in public sounds like the story of my life! They definitely put me in many embarrassing (but many MORE good) moments for sure!

  2. UGH!!!! fighting kids in public... i literally do w/e i can to not take them out anymore i'm so done lol I go places close by and only big things on weekends and they get two weekends a month for their choice in big activities other weekends are mine and daddies lol :D

  3. haha its just takes one of mommy's stink-eye looks of doom and all that fighting in public grinds to a halt lol

  4. I remember putting my own mom through a moment: fooling around between clothing racks and knocking one completely over. She was not happy to say the least ;-) I hope she had her LSS on ;-)

  5. Oh wow, hearing about situations like them really make me want to run and hide and never have kids. You ladies should NOT let me read this stuff! *lol* At the same time, I hear the story from all Moms, and that these moments are so worth the nicer moments! Glad you didn't sweat it and handled it appropriately!

  6. Eek! Just wait until they're old enough that you can embarrass them in front of people! Payback is always fun! ;) I get those same annoyed looks during grocery shopping whenever I bring out flyers for price matching; so it doesn't take much to annoy people behind us in line, LOL.

  7. LOL! That commercial just makes me cringe. My number one rule: NEVER ask a woman if she's pregnant! (no matter how obvious I think it is!)

  8. Makes my heart rate go up just THINKING about how much I hate dealing with the kids' fighting/being generally crazy in public!


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