Let's give a round of applauds, A Motherhood Experience turned four on the fourth! I know, it was Star Wars day so I didn't take the glory out of that by posting, plus it was a weekend of running around with the family. It was SO nice outside we didn't want to be in at all! 

So four whole years of posting about being a mom, things I like and don't like. Things my kids do and don't do. Most of you have seen life through my eyes since just before my oldest kid turned 5. Imagine, she's going to be 9 this summer. You've seen us through raising our children, losing our pets and reuniting with family. You've read things from the everyday to the deeper side of life. From the silly to the serious. I need to write more posts like that. It's one of my goals for the future of this blog. 

Thank you all for following me along my journey so far. 

It has been beyond what I could have imagined publishing for the first time back then and it hasn't stopped being an amazing experience, I don't plan on going anywhere any time soon. I'm proud to say I haven't disappeared into the pool of lost blogs! It's happened when I had attempted blogging in the past but this blog I had a feeling about. I have a passion for it. I know I will never be a "famous blogger" or make tons of money but I still enjoy doing it. I do it for me and now for you!

I enjoy sharing, I enjoy "meeting" new people and now since a few years into review blogging I enjoy connecting with great brands that my family use or perhaps would use after we give them a test run and tell you all about it. 

Once again, I am as forgetful as always and have absolutely nothing planned to celebrate except this post and also continuing to bring you all the great things you love about AME! 

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Disclosure: Posted by AME in celebration of our 4 year anniversary. Comments and opinions expressed on this blog are those of the author. Original Image by Jodi Shaw, Edited by AME. Content Copyright 2013. 

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