On April 29th, my daughter and I spent the day with fellow bloggers as Telus VIP's to one of Ottawa's most energetic, inspiring event for youths today - National We Day! If you do not already know by now what We Day is, check out my post last week announcing our involvement with #TelusForWeDay :) 

I've been writing and rewriting this recap post, reason why it has taken me a couple of days to post. There was just so much going on, so much to absorb and so much to recall. Can you tell? I'm still in awe over everything we experienced at National We Day. 

We had been excitedly awaiting this event for a couple of weeks, watching video after video and getting ready for the big day! I had already heard so much about it from other bloggers who previously attended in other cities, I couldn't wait for my daughter to experience it all for herself too. 

It was an early day but we arrived on time and met up with a Telus rep at the media doors who gave us our media tags and showed us to a room where we saw some fellow bloggers. Everyone was very friendly, which was good because I was nervous! It was nice to see some familiar faces in the media room and also put faces to some names I have known for a long time as well. My daughter became instant friends with @Shandon00's daughter too! 

After some snacks, chit chat and a much needed coffee we waited in line for a chance to interview Craig Kielburger, co-founder of We Day. I had questions lined up but time was running short and my daughter asked if she could ask him something. I wouldn't deny my daughter to opportunity to learn anytime, of course she could! 

She asked what Craig thought We Day meant for the world. He answered insightful, asking her about bullies at school and discussing how we can all work together to make the world a better place, one person at a time. It was great to see her absorbing everything he was saying in.

After the interview session, we were lead up to the Telus VIP lounge where we got to sit and watch the We Day festivities, speeches and performances  We did miss the first couple of speeches however we arrived on time to catch the end of the performance by Neverest. 

Thousands of excited, enthusiastic students sat in the arena below us. The energy in the room was amazing as soon as you walked in. I don't think there was a soul there that day who truly did not believe in everything that We Day is. 

The speakers were inspirational, telling their own personal emotional stories about how they beat the odds, they stood up and they are making a difference. Spencer West's incredible story about how despite being told he couldn't, did when he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro last year - on his hands. His strength is so inspirational. Sean Desman,  pumped up the crowd with a fun performance. One of our favourite parts was the performance by OneDrop Cirque Du Soilel Founder's Initiative. It was beautiful to watch and we all had a OneDrop necklace that lit up during the performance and also toward the end of the We Day show. I thought the interaction was a great way to get everyone's attention about the One Drop initiative.  

Before lunch we had the opportunity to ask questions in scrum-style interviews and although we didn't ask questions, it was a learning opportunity nonetheless. Spencer West, Sean Desman, Neverest and Martin Sheen were participating and entered the room by turn one by one. Everyone was fabulous to answer all questions, I particularly found Martin Sheen very interesting, that man has a lot of wisdom and he was such a friendly fellow to all the young people in attendance, greeting everyone. After the interviews came lunch, our Telus friends had sandwiches, salad and beverages arranged for us to enjoy while we watched the remainder of the show. 

Back to the show, the rest of the afternoon was spent with more performances  stories and inspiration from speakers like Martin Sheen and Rob Stewart. Molly Burke told her story of courage standing up for her own rights despite being blind and Ottawa's own Helene Campbell retold her story about needing a double lung transplant having been diagnosed with a life threatening lung disease and how her strength and strong will created such a buzz that celebrities like Ellen Degenres and Justin Bieber heard about it through just one tweet. That is what the power of voice can do and they proved anyone can do anything if their heart is in it. 

Craig and Mark Kielburger ended National We Day with one last inspirational and motivational speech and Kardinal Offishall pumped up the crowd one last time. We left the arena excited, enthusiastic and inspired. My daughter wants to make her "One Drop" gathering pennies in the Free the Children, We Create Change bags we received in our We Day gift bags and try to get her school involved more. For more info about We Day visit www.weday.com 

We are honoured to have had the chance to participate and be part of something so incredible, Thank you once again Telus!

Photo by @DaniGirl

Disclosure: Posted by AME in participation as a TELUS VIP. Access to We Day and a BlackBerry z10 phone were received in exchange for posting about our experience. All opinions and comments expressed on this blog are those of the author. Photos except one mentioned are those of the author. Content Copyright AME 2013. 

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  1. It was so great to see you again! Your daughter was adorable while talking to Craig :D I'm still thinking about everything I took away a week later.

  2. It was great seeing you too! I love going to events hopefully 2013 brings us more! My daughter was nervous talking to Craig and for the first time in her life almost had a hard time asking a question (even though it was her idea!) ;-) We had an amazing day, so happy I was able to bring my oldest for the experience!


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