Today I was going about my usual business online which includes checking things out for the AME Facebook page, making sure everything was running smoothly and also if I had any messages.

As per usual notifications sat in the upper left corner waiting to be checked, one of which I happened to be tagged in. My amazing fellow blogger friends brought to my attention that I have been honoured this month - as Playtex Mommyville Mom of the Month! Thanks ladies for pointing it out and making me smile :)

In a previous post, I talked about this fun initiative by Playtex to help make one mom feel special once a month by featuring her on the Playtex Facebook fan page as the Mom of the Month and I filled out the form for the title, for fun!

I wasn't expecting the honour and I am a bit sad I hadn't seen it sooner but happy I did see it before the months end! :) It's not always sunny skies when wearing the mom hat, it's nice to be recognized :)

Check out my pic (with my daughter K) featured on the Playtex Mommyville Facebook fan page!

Playtex Mommyville Mom of the Month is ongoing every month so go like the facebook page and fill out the M.O.M questions, next month could be you!

Thank you to Playtex Mommyville for the honour and to my three beautiful kids for making me "mom". :-)

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