On Sunday May 12th, we celebrate being Moms. We celebrate our own motherhood, our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins and anybody else who has ever parented a child. 

It's a day when mom gets to be queen (not that she isn't always already, am I right?). 

I am one of those simple kind of moms. Sure, I would LOVE a day away from the kids at the spa to be pampered with tons of lovely gifts but that's not the point of Mother's Day to me. To me it's thoughtfulness, something to show appreciation even the smallest gesture can mean the world. 

The first thing I ask for on Mother's Day is that if any of the kids (maybe except the baby) have any requests, go and ask your father. Mom's off duty as far as everyday tasks go, just this once. 

Start her morning with breakfast in bed, let the kids help choose what she will have and pitch in on making it. Mom will appreciate that hot cup of coffee already brewed for her. 

Get the kids to show their talent and make creative gifts. Cards, trinkets like jewelry and the like are always loved when they come from the heart - this only counts for kids dad, go out and get her something! ;-) 

Moms need to relax, why not draw her a nice bath with her favourite scented bubble bath, beads, salts or whatever she enjoys. Top it off with an offer for a foot massage and a pedi, it doesn't take much to make her look and feel beautiful. 

Let her decide on the afternoon if you can't think of an entire day to plan. I'm sure she's got lots of things she would love to do, maybe some of those things can be done right from home like relaxing with that book she's been wanting to read. 

End the day with a nice dinner of her choice and you have yourself a simply perfect Mother's Day! :) 

What will I be doing this Mother's Day? Aside from a slight chance of possibly sleeping in, I have no idea. With a young baby, life has been pretty unpredictable lately but apparently hubs and the kids have something "planned". Hmmm I wonder what it could be!

Whatever you do and however you celebrate, I wish you all an amazingly Happy Mother's Day! 

Disclosure: Posted by AME in celebration of Mother's Day. Image in this post created by AME. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. Copyright www.amotherhoodexperience.com 2013. 

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  1. Yes, let her have the day to herself. Sad, but what most moms want for sure.


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