Any mom will tell you, each and every child is unique in their own special ways and as a mom of 3 I can tell you it's true. My three kids are as unique and individual as they get. They each came with their very own personalities, souls and hearts that make them ever so special to us. 

My oldest daughter is friendly and talkative, a very social butterfly who loves to meet new people and make new friends. She is tough on the outside and sensitive on the inside but won't let anyone be her boss. She has an imagination beyond anything I've ever seen and I love it. Shes so smart, so funny. She is who she is and that is what makes her so special. 

My boy is always happy, his school days are always "awesome" and he always looks on the bright side of life. He enjoys simple things like watching his dad fix something around the house, jumping for joy on the trampoline outside and playing his favourite memory game. He likes making jokes and clowning around - he's my little comedian. He is who he is and that is what makes him so special. 

Now my youngest is just starting to develop her personality but it's there. She is always happy, she doesn't fuss much for a five month old baby and she is constantly babbling lately - I think she will be a talker like her older sister. Her new favourite thing is sticking out her tongue as far as she can and have mommy or daddy mimic her. This baby is special too and shes just starting out in life. 

It brings joy to my eyes to think back over the years about how much my kids have come to grow into their own and how proud I am to this day of every milestone and achievement we have celebrated together - our own moments of joy. 

Disclosure: Posted by AME in participation with Kinder Canada #KinderMom program. Comments and opinions on this blog are those of the author. 

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