When I first dove into the blogging pool four years ago, I was not prepared for the kind of world I was about to journey in to. It's exciting but there is more to it than just "having a blog". Typing out words on a screen and pressing a button. No, I'm not complaining - There are a lot of ins and outs I was unaware about but luckily as with anything, I have learned as I have grown. I still learn as I go.

One thing I learned in the blogging world is that it's nice to be recognized online, it's nice to have online contacts but you have to make more of a presence in the world. Showing up at events, conferences and the likes are great but don't forget to leave an impression with a good blogging business card. These are one of those many tools we need as bloggers.

They give people a sense of realism when it comes to bloggers, an easier way to put a face to a blog by meeting them and remembering through a simple little card.

I am overdue for new blog cards by far as my logo and design have changed since I had my first set printed. I'm still using them because the info is the same at least. I would like to get something with my updated logo, something modern and elegant maybe.  

You could head to your local print shop and have some made but there are so many great places you can go online to get them printed up for a good price too. Plus online you can always shop around for the best deals.

One of the first places I went when I first decided to get cards made up was VistaPrint.ca, (a friend recommended them to me). If you don't know what it is, Vista Print is a website dedicated to all your printing needs whether it be blog cards, business cards or whatever else you want to print your logo and info on.

Easy to navigate, you can use one of the available templates or create a custom set of cards. They often have great deals and discounts on the site too. In fact if you look around online there are various other places you can get VistaPrint coupons and promo codes too!

When you're getting ready for your next event, make sure you are ready with your blog cards! You don't even need to put very much on them if you don't want to. Some people put their picture, address, phone number and blog or social media credentials (twitter handle and face book address etc). Mine are pretty basic and will most likely stay that way with my name and blog/social media information.

Not only a great way to network with potential sponsors and partners but having blog cards is also a great way to keep connected to your fellow blogger friends you meet, and trust me you will want to have yours handy :-)

Disclosure: Sponsored post by AME on behalf of VistaPrintDeals.com. Opinions and comments on this blog are otherwise those of the author.

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