May just flew right past us like nothing else, don't you think? June is here and we are focused on the end of the school year and preparing ourselves for the summer holidays coming up sooner than we think!

At the beginning of May, I reviewed Banana Boat® introduced Natural Reflect™ Kids sunscreen and gave you lovely readers the chance to enter to win your own sample to review and submit to me for a chance to win a $50 Visa GC! How exciting!

There were some fabulous submissions but only ONE could win this fab $50 Visa gift card. The winning submission comes from Dreena B who said:

Unfortunately it has been raining here for the past week, with no sunny breaks, so I cannot fully test the sunscreen and its SPF factor! But I have been applying it on my face anyway - because sunscreen is important even in cloudy conditions, right?!
What I like about Banana Boat Natural Reflect is the thickness of it; I feel you can "see" the coverage and protection. It is a thicker paste compared to other sunscreens but easily blends in.
I like that the formula is more natural and is Paraben and PABA-free. This is important for me and my son's skin.I rate it:  9/10.
We will definitely be applying this sunscreen in the summer and on holidays to the beach.

Congratulations Dreena and thanks for a great review! Glad to see you liked the Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids sunscreen despite the lack of sun and hope you enjoy your $50 Visa gc on its way to you soon!

Although I could only pick one gift card winner, I still enjoyed reading each and every review submitted to me! You can read them for yourself below!

Submitted by: Judy C.
"I was recently chosen to receive and try out Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids Sunscreen.  I have had the opportunity to try it out several times now and I am very impressed with it and have found my sunscreen of choice for this summer.

 I love that it is made from 100% naturally sourced ingredients.  The consistency of the sunscreen is great and I was very impressed that it rubbed in 100% and didn't leave the normal white residue that a lot of sunscreens do. 
It has a very mild scent which I appreciate since we have issues in this house when it comes to scents.  We have had no sunburns in this house since we started to use it so it works well.  The size of the container is perfect to throw in my purse and take with us for repeat applications. I am so glad I had the chance to review this product and will definitely be buying it!"
Submitted by Sydney D.
"I really like this sunscreen. I'm not usually that impressed by natural products but this one seems great! I like how it isn't really greasy so using it on the face is fine. I also like that it doesn't smell strongly of sunscreen, if you know what I mean! All in all, I would give this product a 9 out of 10!"

Submitted by Karla S.
"I loved this sunscreen. I have tried it out a few times on myself when I have went for a walk or just outside to clean up around the garden. We haven't had very much really hot sunny weather,,but I put this on anyway to try it out. I loved that it never smelled strong,or was not greasy either. It went on smooth and was easy to smooth out over my skin. Love how easy it is to squeeze out of the tube,and not messy at all. I would buy this if it was a reasonable price."

Submitted by Bree J.
"I like natural products and love Banana Boat so I am not really surprised that I love this product! It smells great, doesn't go on greasy and works! My kids find it easy to put it too and love the smell so no arguing about putting it on before outside. Thanks for the opportunity to try this out, we will be buying this again!"

Submitted by Olivia L.
"We weren't given much time to test out Banana Boat's Natural Reflect sunscreen, and with the serious lack of sunshine on the West Coast we weren't able to give it a real world test.  What I can say is that based on the ingredients and the reasonable price point, I would buy this for my kids.  It gets a good score on the Environmental Working Group's 2013 Guide to Sunscreens (3/10 - lower numbers are better) and doesn't contain oxybenzone or parabens.  Because the protective ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, it is thicker than your typical chemical sunscreen, but compared to other mineral sunscreens we've used I found this a bit easier to rub in and less greasy on my daughter's skin.  She complained less too.  I also like that it is scent-free.  Mineral sunscreens tend to be more expensive, but we consider them worth the cost to avoid the toxins common in chemical sunscreens.  At almost half the price of my regular brand I will definitely pick some of this stuff up for when summer finally arrives."

Submitted by Brenda P.
I was really impressed with this sunscreen.  We unfortunately didn’t get any sun (raining/snow for nearly 2 weeks straight!) so I wasn’t able to test on a day where the UV index was moderate or higher to see what the protection was like. 

When I first opened it, I was turned off by the opaque white, sticky lotion.  It reminded me of diaper cream and hubby said it reminded him of glue.
My husband and I tried it on ourselves first.  We were surprised by how easily it applied and that it rubbed in quite well. I really liked the way it felt on my skin.  It didn’t feel heavy or greasy, my skin felt smooth afterwards.  Both of my boys used it and no reactions at all.  My youngest has sensitive skin and will often get a rash with irritation when using lotions or sunscreens, and he had no reaction at all.  They both said that they preferred this to other sunscreens that we have used because they didn’t feel or smell gross.
I would definitely recommend this for everyone! I plan on getting more for the whole family. Thanks again!"

Thanks once again to Banana Boat and everyone who participated in the 2nd AME Reader's Review event!

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Banana Boat. $50 GC provided by representatives of Banana boat. All opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. Reader reviews and comments within this post are those of the individuals submitting.

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