To all the father's, step-fathers, half-fathers, grandfathers and beyond - Happy Father's Day!

You're Super Dad and it's your day to shine. Your day to be pampered, spoiled and treated like the King you know you are.

Thank you for always being there for all of us. For teaching us and guiding us.

Growing up I always looked up to my father (literally, he's pretty tall!). He has always been a go-getter, a hard worker and has a big heart. Childhood wasn't an easy one back then, I could imagine parenthood having kids of my own today.

Memories of my own childhood seem so far away but the ones that are clear, my father was there. He was there for major moments and moments that wouldn't have mattered to anybody else.

Looking back, even if sometimes it didn't seem like it, I was listening when he spoke. Those lessons he was trying to teach me, those lectures I rolled my eyes and huffed at, are ones which are coming into play today. We all try to do our best as parents and now I understand, he was doing his best too.

Although we may have each made our share of mistakes, one thing for sure is I am thankful every day that he is in my life, in his grandchildren's lives still today. Life is too short, we need to spend our time making moments special ones.

Thanks Dad, for everything you do - we love you.

Happy Father's Day.

Posted by AME in celebration of Father's Day 2013. Image copyright AME 2013.

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  1. Funny how our perspectives on parenting change when we become parents. :) That's a great picture of your dad. Thanks for sharing!


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