Life can be overwhelming with a new baby in the house. It's a learning process from the start with constant worry and sleepless nights (for baby and you) are the worst. One lesson I remember learning early on back when my oldest daughter was a baby - diapers make a difference. 

One of baby's basic needs are to be comfortable and one thing that keeps them comfortable is a dry diaper. I can say I have experience when it comes to different brands of diaper, Pampers has always been a favourite. 

Pampers are actually the diaper that helped our newest baby (who is now five months old) sleep her nights. We are fortunate enough to already have her on a sleep schedule. Her last bottle of the night is at around 8:30-9:00pm and from hen she usually sleeps her nights. Except for this one time and I know exactly why now. 

We ran out of Pampers once a few weeks back and we had to settle for a local store brand for a few days, I think it was a holiday weekend if I'm not mistaken. I usually don't use just any diapers on her for an assortment of reasons, some personal and some obvious but I will use them if I have no other choice at the time. 

Anyway, back to my story. The baby kept waking up several times during the night and well of course when she wakes up, I wake up too. It was all because of the diapers we were using. They didn't absorb as well as Pampers do and of course that caused her to be uncomfortable and wake up to let me know. Even she likes her Pampers. Call her spoiled but what makes baby happy, keeps mommy happy. Plus with Pampers we get Gifts to Grow points, that also makes mommy happy!

Pampers Ding Dong Diaper Ditch

Remember back in February when I told you about the Pampers Ding Dong Diaper Ditch that some of the P&GMom's were participating in by surprising a new mom or mom-to-be with the gift of Pampers Swaddlers New Born? Well it's time for round two except this time we were encouraged to ditch the diapers to families who need them. 

We didn't "ding-dong" but we did ditch two cases (that's 432 diapers) of Pampers Swaddlers Newborn between our community and a couple who is expecting their first baby. We decided since our baby is outgrowing her stuff like mad that we would also give them some gently used baby stuff as well as the diapers. They are beyond thankful for the gift! 

Some P&GMom's ditched double (and more) diapers toward friends, family and their own local communities, imagine the looks on those faces! Giving is such a wonderful thing and to be able to help new families get a head start is just fantastic all around. You can follow all the P&GMom's participating using our hashtag #PGMom!

We know how hard (and how expensive) it can be getting everything a new baby needs. Thanks P&G and Pampers for helping make it easier, one diaper at a time with a Pampers start to life. 

Disclosure: Posted by AME in participation as a P&GMom Ambassador. Perks and Incentives are received as part of the program. Comments and opinions on this blog are those of the author. 

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