It's still hard to believe it has been SIX months since I gave birth to the newest member of our family - Baby M. With a little bit of a rough start to life (see her birth story here), she has been growing and thriving at an incredible rate, outgrowing the average preemie her age according to her pediatrician. Impressive - she's got heart!
 Her only major concern was flat head syndrome she had developed within the first two months. Preemies are born with softer skull tissue than that of a full-term baby, even if she was only three weeks early it makes a difference so we had to be careful about positioning her when she slept and when we held her etc. The Tortle I reviewed helped masses! It started to clear up on its own as she started lifting her own head more and more. 

In six months I've watched my new baby grow from the lesser-expressive  tiny newborn to a wiggly, smiley and gabby bundle of chubby. She has been your typical "by the book" type baby, crying when she needs something otherwise shes happy!

She has been hitting her baby milestones head on. She smiles, twists, rolls, tries to sit up (I call them baby sit ups) and pushes herself up into "I want to crawl soon" position when shes having "tummy time". She is more awake and alert during the day, still needing her morning and afternoon sleeps of course. 

Now, although I am still pretty much sleep deprived (three kids is a big change I'm still getting used to) she has been sleeping her nights for about a month or so now. Not sleeping her nights like my older two where they go to bed around 8pm and get up for school at 7am. She more or less has her last bottle around 9pm and after that she sleeps through until 7am when we all get up to get the older two ready for school. It gives me a few more hours to catch some (much needed) sleep at night!

My older two, K and Little Guy have been amazing in their new roles are Big sister and Big Brother. They love their baby sister and shes at the perfect stage for interaction, they get a kick out of making her laugh. I am happy they are happy, it was a big change for everyone.
 As for me, the last six months adjusting to life with baby (again) have been alright. I went through the typical postpartum emotional rollercoaster ride but luckily it wasn't a long one. I'm feeling pretty good these days aside from lack of sleep.

It's still hard to believe shes already six months and growing.

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