Ever want to capture something moment for moment? A flower blooming in your garden, a party or other important event, maybe you want to catch that sunset at just the right moment. Life is full of opportunity to capture the best moments to remember.

Capturing and sharing the moment is becoming more and more popular with so many different ways to share. Time lapse filming is becoming more and more popular among aspiring and professional photographers. Time lapse cameras capture images at preset time intervals and converts them into seamless videos.

I for one am far from a professional photographer but I love playing around with new cameras, features and software to create special moments in our lives. It would be really neat to record a milestone moment, they always seem to happen when we aren’t watching!

Brinno’s new Time Lapse camera, the TLC200 from Phase 3 Systems does just that. It captures whatever you like with moment to moment brilliance. The Brinno TLC200 is small but powerful, a great solution to recording long periods of time. Uses in nature, at home and just for fun, the TLC200 is the perfect addition to any photo enthusiasts camera collection.

Brinno’s TLC200 can be customized to record within a specific time period, anywhere from two shots per second to a shot every 24 hours, automatically capturing images for you. It supports up to 32GB of SD storage, up to 10,000 images per gigabyte. That’s a whole lot of still action! With advanced battery life technology, the TLC200 can take up to 300,000 photos on just 4AA batteries.

This camera has an LCD viewfinder, you can see what you are recording at any time taking precise images and it even turns off to save battery. Shooting in HD quality, the TLC200 takes and showcases crisp, high-def images. The camera lense itself is adjustable and rotatable so you can aim in the idea direction and angle. It also has a place to insert a tripod (sold separately) should you need to help perfect your still action video.
The Brinno TLC200 has some great accessories available too like an external shutter line, used to create stop action movies. It plugs right into the side of the camera via USB and has a three foot long cord, plenty of room to create your masterpiece. Also, the TLC200’s wide-angle lens allows you to capture moments from outside the camera lens’ traditional view. There is also a Motion activation sensor available which activates the camera upon subjects motion and lastly for those who do a lot of outdoor photography you can get a weather resistant housing and travel bag for your accessories when on the go. Accessories are also sold separately. The Brinno TLC200 comes in two colours, green and blue!

This is a great camera because its compact and easy to set up just about anywhere. We have so many ideas to put this camera to use with like recording our daily going-abouts for a 24 hour period, how people or pets live, plants outside or capture the early morning moments, the imagination is the limit. The tripod pictured is one we bought years ago when Radio Shack still existed.
Here is a neat video capturing a hot air balloon festival, so pretty and really neat to watch. Take a look!
The Brinno Time Lapse Camera can be found at most Henry’s Camera locations across Canada or find it on Henry's Online!

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Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Henry’s Camera. Product was received for review purposes. Opinions and comments on this blog are otherwise those of the author. Video by Brinno.

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  1. that would be fun, but I really can't do another camera!


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