Back in May we celebrated McHappy Day with our readers across Canada. McHappy Day is a day you can go into any local McDonald's restaurant and purchase any hot McCafĂ© beverage, Big Mac or Happy Meal and $1 will be donated toward Ronald McDonald House Charities and other local children’s charities. A great way to give back to a charity that gives so much.

Founded in 1982, Ronald McDonald House Charities have been helping families across the nation for 30 years, that’s something to celebrate!  So many families depend on the support that Ronald McDonald Houses provide when their little one is sick.

There is more of a demand for Ronald McDonald Houses now than ever before with 70% of Canadians living outside of a city with a children's hospital. Ronald McDonald Houses currently serve over 10,000 families a year and this number is expected to double to 20,000 families
by 2014.

Stories about families’ experiences at Ronald McDonald Houses inspired the Ronald McDonald House Charities Family Moments campaign which helps provide Canadians with a better understanding of the role Ronald McDonald Houses play in family-centered healing in Canada.

We are fortunate to live in Ottawa and close to the Children’s Hospital. If our kids get sick, where to stay is one less worry we have to deal with on top of everything else going on. When your
child is sick or hurt, they are your first priority. They need their parents but the parents also need someone to lean on during such a difficult time.

I can’t imagine how hard it is when they can only phone their loved ones for that kind of support. It is so important for families to have the emotional and financial support they need when a child
is sick; they are going through a lot.  I am proud to know there are charities such as Ronald McDonald House Charities that give these families support when they need it most. And a home away from home.

I will be taking an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at our local Ronald McDonald House Ottawa, located next to the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (and Western Quebec).

This visit will not only give us a hands-on experience as to what families encounter when staying at a Ronald McDonald House but it will also give us a better understanding of exactly how Ronald McDonald Houses across the country are helping families and what the experience of being a parent staying at a House can be like.

Do you live in Ottawa? Are you interested in joining me on an exclusive tour of Ronald McDonald House Ottawa? It would be a great first-hand learning experience I would love to share with AME readers who may be interested in learning more!

On July 16th we will be meeting up at Ronald McDonald House Ottawa (Smyth) at 11am for an in-depth tour of the House! Space is limited to six people (including myself and daughter) so I have room for FOUR more! 

If you can come along, please fill out your info and I will contact those who are interested with further details by Saturday, July 13th!

Thank you in advance and I look forward to meeting you on our visit day!

Disclosure: Sponsored post by AME on behalf of Ronald McDonald House Charities. Compensation was received for this post however opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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