There is nothing my dogs love more than eating (okay, maybe running around like crazy and taking random naps too). There is nothing more satisfying to a dog owner than when their dog enjoys their dog food.

Although Fido might enjoy that kind you buy, did you ever stop and wonder what exactly goes into your dogs food, into your dog? We always stress how important healthy eating is in humans, how we always encourage our kids to eat nutritious, wholesome foods from the main food groups. This is the same for our dogs, they too are living beings who need nutrition. 

Did you know half the "other guys" dog food contains things like preservatives, dyes and sugar? All useless to our dogs, almost like feeding them junk food for dinner. 

New IAMS SO GOOD dog food boasts to be made with delicious, nutritious and wholesome ingredients with no added sugar, dyes or preservatives. It boasts in its name SO GOOD, your dog will love it. 

IAMS sent me over a fun "lunch box" containing two bowls - one bowl had all the goodness of IAMS SO GOOD and the other bowl, all the bad that's in "the other guys". Looking at the comparison in some of the other guys, I'm surprised by it really. 

IAMS SO GOOD! vs. the "Other Guys"

You can see how nutritious IAMS SO GOOD is compared to "the other guys" dog food brands. food like chicken, spinach, corn, apples and peas sounds more appetizing than dyes, preservatives and a bunch of sugar not to mention healthier for our dogs.

Along with our IAMS SO GOOD lunch box we got two product coupons to try IAMS SO GOOD on our dogs. Seeing they are already IAMS dogs, this was the perfect test. 

The dogs excitedly awaited their bowls to be filled and went in for the taste test. Victory! All three dogs seemed very satisfied with IAMS SO GOOD and as a pet owner it makes me feel good knowing we are feeding them something healthy. As we all know a healthy pet is a happy pet! 

Learn more about the difference between dog foods by visiting www.whatsreallyinyourbowl.com. Talk healthy pet eating on Twitter using Hashtag #IAMsSoGood!

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of IAMS. Product provided for review purposes. Comments and opinions on this blog are those of the author. 

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