My daughter used to have hair like rapunzel  I'm not joking, she loved her long "princess hair". She loved wearing it up and braided, looking like Anne of Green Gables but blonde. It was her trademark you could say, if someone didn't know her by name they knew her as the girl with the long hair. 

As of late she had been complaining about it though. It's no longer "princess hair" but a pain. It takes us a lot to maintain it, keep it healthy. I had given her trims over the years but never had she wanted to actually cut much off. 

It was up in pigtails under that hat!

Things change as they get older don't they, which is fine by me. I have always been a believer of letting kids express themselves (with limits of course, theres a difference between getting a hair cut and dying it a fun colour at the age of not quite 9 years old). 

K was invited to go camping with her grandparents and as a surprise, her grandmother wanted to bring her to have her hair cut. Something she had wanted and something she also needed. So off they went, hubby was nervous. He was sure she would come home with a bob or some style he wouldn't approve of. Typical dad, always watching out and protecting his kids. 

Now, I haven't seen it in person as K is camping until Sunday but we got a text from my mother in law, letting us know she did get her hair cut and the hair was being donated. She then sent a picture and I for one am happy with the results. A smiling *almost* 9 year old who actually looks like a 9 year old. A mature haircut that suits her age, layered and thinned out. She not only looks fantastic but she feels great too and that's the important part.

The "new" do! 

It's not as thick, it won't have to be tied up all the time and she doesn't have to worry as much. She can even start using some of the hair accessories she has that would either get caught in or slide out of her really long hair - it was long enough for her to send it off for charity and still have plenty on her head! 

I want to thank my mother in law and sister in law (and the hairdresser) for putting such a big smile on our little girls face. Shes beautiful no matter what and her happiness shines through in that smile! :) 

Disclosure: Personal post by AME. Opinions and comments on this blog are my own. 

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