I have always been into social media, even before everyone referred to it as social media. I used to love being part of forums and chat groups in areas of interest. Remember the good old days of ICQ, Yahoo and MSN messenger? MySpace was just a baby and MSN Live Spaces, blogger (nor Google) didn't exist just yet, those were my platforms.

I was single, childless and had NO idea about how strong the online world could be other than connecting with old friends. I should tell you the story of how I found my old childhood friend (who had sadly moved away to the Netherlands with her family when we were around 8 years old) via ICQ. I forget who searched who but thanks to technology I got to experience Europe that time.

Zip the time frame about 13 years later and boom, look at what the internet has brought us. Not only can I share my stories, likes and dislikes but I can also join up likeminded groups and such, be part of some great online communities.

I blogged in the past but nothing compared to what it is today. I had a blog on MSN Spaces at one time, to keep in touch with family when our son was in the NICU. I closed up that blog for personal reasons. That was about the time I started to realized how much the internet could do. It wasn't of course until much later I fell into social media and more blogging.

There's a whole lot of social media going on these days. So many different ways we communicate and keep in touch. Whether it be for business or pleasure there is almost always a way to share today. 

Aside from blogs and forums we also have Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Stumble Upon, LinkedIn and now we can add the new 6 second video sharing network Vine to the list. If you haven't tried Vine, it's pretty fun. A (very) small list of the social media fun we can get into online.

You can now follow me on Vine. I don't have that many videos up yet and you have to be a follower to see them! Just download the Vine app (iOS or Android) and search AMotherhoodBlog! I'm olanning on posting product review type videos soon enough, I think I have to make it public again to be able to embed them on my blog. I'll figure that out as I go I suppose, like everything else!

Although each social media circle brings something to each of us, my heart will belong to Twitter. It was one of the first tools I used to kick off AME, it is one of (in my opinion) the easiest ways to get a message across (besides Facebook, everyone is on Facebook these days).

Are you part of way too many social media networks? Which are your favourites? I can't wait to see what the next 13 years of technology brings us.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, not endorsed in any way by mentioned brands/companies.

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  1. Oh my! I remember the days of ICQ hah It is so hard to believe that times have changed THAT much in such a short period of time!


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