Awaiting the arrival of a new baby is such an exciting time, especially for first time parents. Aside from the nursery furniture, clothes and diapers, one of babies basic must-haves in our house is a good bottle set.

Breast or bottle fed, feeding time is bonding time for new baby and mom. It's a time when you can sit, quietly with your new baby and get to know them and they get to know you too. 

It's important for baby to be comfortable, a good bottle is one place to start. Not all bottles are made the same, it took several attempts at different bottles for each of our kids when they were newborn babies. Each baby has a different need and Philips AVENT are one of the most trusted and chosen bottles among new parents. I am happy to be part of the Philips AVENT Moms program!

Philips is known around the world for great home entertainment and personal care products, baby products are nothing new. Philips AVENT Baby provides parents things they need for new baby such as feeding, baby monitors, pacifiers and more. 

The Philips AVENT Natural Essentials set has everything new parents need to start off feeding their new baby! This kit includes:

Two Philips AVENT Natural feeding bottles in two sizes (4oz and 9oz). Easy to combine breast and bottle feeding, the wide breast-shape promotes a natural latch on. Unique comfort petals inside the nipple increase softness and flexibility without nipple collapse. Innovative twin-valve design reduces colic and discomfort by venting air into the bottle and not baby's tummy. These make for a more comfortable and contented feeding for baby ad mom!

The Philips AVENT Natural bottles have wider bottlenecks making filling and cleaning much easier too. Only four parts for quick and simple assembly. 

The Microwave Sterilizer is ultra fast and easy to use. Sterilizes four bottles in about two minutes, depending on your microwave. It helps eliminate harmful bacteria and if the lid isn't open, contents remain sterilized up to 24 hours. 

Soothie Pacifier for ages 0-3 months are used by medical professionals to help calm newborns. Not all babies require or even want a pacifier but they can come in really handy when new parents just need to sooth that baby. Soothie pacifiers are made with hospital grade silicone in one piece and is highly durable. 

Bottle brush for keeping your baby's feeding accessories clean. It's got a curved brush head and moulded tip for thorough cleaning of hard to reach areas of bottles and nipples.

There you have it, everything a new parent needs as far as feeding accessories in one handy kit! The Philips AVENT Naturals Essentials kit would make an excellent baby shower present for those parents-to-be! 

You can find this and other great Philips Avent Baby products by visiting the Philips Avent Baby website. 

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Disclosure: Posted by AME in participation with Philips #AVENTMomsCA program. Product was received in exchange for review, giveaway prize sponsored by Philips AVENT. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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  1. Swaddling blankets and a swing are my must haves

  2. I am a new parent so I don't have any suggestions, but I will be reading through the suggestions!!

  3. My must have is a good nursing pillow and a lot of support!

  4. Playtex® Diaper Genie II Elite™

  5. Corn Starch!! Best diaper rash treatment and preventative you'll ever find!

  6. swaddling blankets, lots of diaper rash cream, an abundance of bibs, and a baby monitor

    entering in rafflcopter as jen s.

  7. Car seat, crib, stroller, nursing pillow, diaper cream and wipes!

  8. baby blankets,diaper genie,baby carrier
    (Karla Sceviour)

  9. A good swaddle is worth its weight in gold!

  10. Definitely a nursing pillow. :)

  11. lots of baby wash cloths, they are great for a pocket or purse for lil spit ups and clean ups.
    also i adored the net for over the car seat, it was great for travelling and if we wanted to seat our son outdoors while he slept it kept the bugs away

  12. I recommend a good swaddle blanket, a good supply of diapers, diaper cream. :-)

    SueSueper Sue

  13. lots of receiving blankets & burp pads for the little one who spits up a lot.
    Jay M

  14. Nursing pillow, even when baby goes to bottle it can be used to prop them up at a nice angle to drink.

  15. New parent in October, so not sure yet...maybe a changing mat

  16. Something that lights up in the crib and plays music. Gets them to sleep every time....almost lol

  17. A carrier like Ergo, a stroller with car seat attachment and a swing.
    angela mitchell

  18. A nursing pillow and diaper cream!


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