Colouring my hair isn't something new, I've been doing it for years. Not for any particular reason except that once in a while change can be a good thing. Over the years I have used at-home hair dyes in different shades, always trying to find the right one for me!

With fall coming, its not only the seasons looking to change. I think I might want to try something new when it comes to my hair this fall. During the summer months I find myself turning to the blonder colours, I have for years. Light browns to lighter blondes, none of which ever turn out the way that I want them to.

Thanks to our friends at P&G I was able to ask some hair colour questions and have them answered by Toronto based Clairol Colour Consultant, Luis Pacheco! We had the opportunity to hear his expert tips in person at the P&G event last fall too. I'm happy to say I received an email back from the P&G team with answers to my questions!

Clairol Colour Expert Luis Pacheo Q & A:
  • How do I get permanent colour to stay and not fade after a couple of weeks?
    Colour will fade at the 2 week benchmark. The best tip to maintain your colour is to avoid the sun as much as possible and use minimal heat styling tools.
  • What is your best tip for at home highlights? Which is the best kit and what are the best tools to use?
    Right now there isn't something I would feel comfortable recommending for at-home highlighting - but stay tuned!
  • What products would you recommend to treat damaged/colour treated hair?
    It really depends on the type of damage. Always choose a product that is safe on colour and that caters to your hair needs - whether it's lack of moisture, volume etc.
  • What styling products would you recommend for colour treated hair (for volume and hold)?
    I would recommend something that is heat activated and protects the hair from further damage. Always avoid direct contact with heat as much as possible, keep your styling tools on low, because the higher the heat level, the greater the damage.
  • How do I avoid blonde dye turning brassy after a couple of washes?
    Be sure to stay within 2-3 shades of your natural colour, maintain it with a colour-safe shampoo and conditioner and minimize exposure to the sun.
I had many more questions to ask but of course I'm sure like the rest of us, Luis' time is of the essence! My colour consultation wasn't what I expected (it was better!) and I'm happy with the results chosen for me based on the picture I sent in to the Clairol experts at P&G! 

My Colour Consultation:

"Your natural colour looks like its a level 4, and the Vidal Sassoon Light Blonde shade you're using is a level 9. For best results, I recommend you stay around a level 6. I also think Perfect 10 by Nice'n Easy in Chocolate Brown #6WN would be great on you!"

I am happy I am not afraid to try new things (within a certain limit of course) and this recommendation is definitely something I could see myself trying for the fall and winter seasons! 

You can find more hair colouring tips, find your shade and more by visiting www.clairol.ca and liking Clairol on Facebook!

Disclosure: Posted by AME in participation with the P&GMom program. Opinions and comments on this blog are always those of the author. 

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