A letter to my nine year old daughter:

Dear daughter,

This is the year you have nine candles glowing on your birthday cake. The last year we can really call you little before you hit double-digits. Each candle on your birthday cake represents a year of memories, milestones and accomplishments. Each candle represents another year you've grown in many ways. 

I still remember lighting the very first candle on your very first birthday cake. You had so much fun smashing up your first cake, it was everywhere. Nine candles later you are growing up to be a beautiful young girl. A young girl who continues to make her parents proud every day. 

You're smart, funny, kind and pig-headed all mixed into one sweet package. You are down to earth but you still have your own hopes and dreams, follow them.

I know as you get older your personality will serve you well. I can see you doing great things with that ever thinking imagination of yours. You get it all honestly.

You always have something to say and that's OK. There will always be somebody to listen to you. You always have questions about everything life brings your way and that's OK. There will always be somebody there to help try to answer those questions.

Please remember, always follow your heart. It may hurt sometimes, but it will always guide you in the right ways. Your family will always be here, standing behind you. We love you.

There are so many more things I would like to say but you also have many more candles and many more birthdays to come.

Celebrate this year, there are nine candles on your cake. Go ahead, make that wish. 

My birthday wish for you is to stay as beautiful inside and out as you are for the next nine candles and beyond. 
Happy birthday K~

A few of my favorite pictures over the years...

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  1. Happy birthday to your daughter! Kids birthdays are always bittersweet for me - happy they are growing up and finding their own likes etc, but sad that they are growing up and that much closer to leaving home :(


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