I took a bit of a blog pause this week, not really on purpose. It was my birthday this week, not to mention mid-way through summer and the end of July. Always a busy time around here!

The kids have been enjoying a summer of fun including swimming. Baby M however does not enjoy swimming just yet. We attempted to include her by dipping her little legs into the wading pool we always go to with the kids and she cried. She was not a happy little girl, next year she won't want to get out.

The older kids and I went to Grandpa's last week for a day of swimming though. We had a fun and full day for sure though. Little guy was geared up in his Puddle Jumper and although scared at first, got the hang of it within less than 20 minutes. I'm so proud of our little guy, another big accomplishment for him. 

The community pool around here isn't very deep so he has no issues "swimming" there, this was different for him. Big sister K of course spent the day lounging on the giant blow up pool chairs Grandpa had. Everyone had a lot of fun and it also gave me a chance to spend some time with my Dad which was nice. 

I celebrated my birthday on the final day of July, not a big celebration but it was special because those I cared about most (minus my  mom) were there to celebrate at least :) We had pizza and cake, chit chat and laughs. It was a nice birthday and a nice way end to the month. 

So off with July, another summer month gone leaves us just one more to enjoy before sending our kids back to school. I know, most of us aren't ready to think about school supplies but lets face it, the earlier we get it done the more organized we will be or at least feel right? :) I will be posting some back-to-school posts  as well as some other great stuff in the next coming weeks! 

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