Who says the fun has to end just because summer time is almost over? Keep kids active outdoors with fun toys from Hasbro like Nerf! Nerf blasters have been around for years, bringing outdoor fun and entertainment to families around the world and now Nerf isn't just geared toward boys anymore.

We have an assortment of Nerf blasters in our collection including water blasters and one thing about them that my oldest always complains about is the colour. "They should make them in girl colours", she says. Well, now she is in luck because Nerf has an all new stylish line of blasters with Nerf Rebelle, geared toward girls aged 8 and up. 

Break hearts with fierce aim and arm yourself with the stylish power of the Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow blaster! Pull back on the bow string to launch your 5 collectible darts at targets up to 75 feet away with real bow action! Adjust the sight for an even sharper aim. 

If that's not enough, add-on accessories can be attached to the blasters accessory rail (accessories sold separately). Make a game out of it and team up with friends to see who can hit the most targets or go solo for practice, either way you're armed for action! Make your mark with Nerf! Each Heartbreaker Bow blaster is sold separately and come with 5 darts.

Having kids of different ages means having toys of different kinds and its no different with Nerf. The kids always enjoy running around outside with toys of all kinds and now the new Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow blaster will make a great addition to the collection.  

Like any other Nerf toy these are made to be outdoor toys, supervised at best. Not to be aimed at another person but at a target (empty pop cans anyone?), for fun. Taking precaution while playing with any airborne toys make the afternoon just that more enjoyable for everyone involved.

To learn more about Nerf Rebelle and see the entire line of blasters or where to buy them, visit the Hasbro Canada website for details! 

Play safe and have fun!

*Sponsored in part by: Hasbro Canada*

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