My kids love school, they enjoy learning and they enjoy being around their peers. One thing they do not like is homework. Extra lessons to take home to improve and/or practice skills learned in class. To my kids its exactly that, work and it takes away from their limited fun leisure time after school before supper and bed.

During grades two and three we had many an argument with our eldest daughter, she did not want to do her homework. She did not like the teaching method the teacher used, she did not understand what was going on after assigned homework was given. We did practice, we took our time and we communicated with the teacher to help her thrive and succeed, be the best she knows she can be.

As a parent, homework is important for my kids to continue doing great and thriving when it comes to education. Even if they don't have physical homework written in their agendas or communication books, I do encourage reading or playing educational games to help keep their young minds stimulated.

When my oldest who is in grade four has homework, I set her up in a clean work area to start. Usually the kitchen table where I can monitor her and she can ask for help if she needs any. The less distractions the quicker and better she works. The best time for my kids to do any homework is after a quick snack when they get off the bus. If we do it right after school they are irritable and cranky from a full day of learning. If we wait until after supper, it's too late - the energy is gone and they are close to being ready for bed. Better to boost the brain after school with a healthy snack and then hit the books before that happens.

There are at times I wonder if we will one day need another resource to help us with our kids homework woe's.

Oxford Learning is a great educational tool and resource to help your child thrive! Oxford Learning has a wide variety of programs with various focuses for students of all ages. We all know homework can be trying at times, Oxford Learning is here to assist parents helping their child succeed in his or her studies.

Beyond Tutoring® is geared toward children in grades 1 through 8. With kids, its all about motivation that's why Oxford Learning's unique approach to tutoring works so well. Oxford Learning gives parents and kids the tools, the power and the confidence to be in charge of their own learning.
Homework battles, excuses and procrastination can be a thing of the past. Oxford students learn how to learn by discovering their own paths to truly understanding and knowing. With Oxford Learning's Beyond Tutoring® you will see your child approach new learning with confidence, respond to challenges, begin to develop his or her own opinions and ideas plus take more interest in pursuing his or her own goals and tasks.
Enriched curriculum teaches students how to develop their capacity of learning, absorb and retain new information, organize themselves more efficiently, get homework done well and on time, study and prepare for tests, problem-solve plus ask questions and think actively. Beyond Tutoring® also provides tutoring in specific subjects like math, history, science etc and in-session homework help.
This breakthrough program achieves two major objectives: expanding a child's potential for learning and their interest in learning. Two critical elements for lifelong growth and success. Without it a student is only as good as their last test.

The Advantage High School Success™ program is geared toward older kids, grades 9 through 12 who wish to enhance education beyond the school curriculum. It teaches students how to stay focused, stay motivated and get those grades they deserve. Oxford Learning's unique approach shows teens how to get ahead and stay ahead in school.

No more late night cramming, late assignments and homework wars. Oxford Learning teaches kids vital skills they won't get from any other after school program. Things like how to organize their material and time, how to study and prepare for exams, how to take good notes in class, how to absorb and retain new information, how to write great essays and problem solve.

The Advantage High School Success™ also provides tutoring in specific subjects like math, history, science etc and in-session homework help. This program is designed to help benefit students in post-secondary school and in life beyond the classroom. Along with academic achievements, Oxford students gain greater confidence in their potential and themselves. Graduates of the Advantage High School Success™ program emerge as smart, driven and thriving young adults.  Bigger goals to strive for and the skills to follow through - now that's a life long advantage.

Learn more about Oxford, get information about their programs and where to find your local center location by visiting the Oxford Learning website!

Are you a parent who often struggles with homework and need a little bit of help? Enter to win an Oxford Learning Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment for your child - $250 value! Your child could be on their way to something great with Oxford Learning!

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