The kids have been in school for two weeks now, minus the sick day they had on Monday after catching a cold the first week. That was fun, all three kids (yes, even Baby M) caught that nasty cold. It has been tiring to say the least but I manage to stay calm and carry on. It's only the beginning.

There has been a lot of adjusting to do aside from getting used to earlier bed times and earlier wake ups, hitting the gear into rush-mode at 6:45am, Monday to Friday.

There is almost an entirely new staff at the school. There is a new principal who I have yet to meet, new secretary who I spoke to once on Monday to tell them the kids were sick and a new bus driver. Parent-teacher interviews start next week, that's a whole other story. I dread having to go, it always makes the parent feel like they are the student. Sitting in those tiny chairs, well at least in the Kindergarten classrooms.

The staff seem pleasant as usual though, no complaints just a whole bunch of new names to learn and remember. My biggest beef so far would have to be the bus. The bus system seems to be all over the place the first two weeks. We had a different driver almost every day so far. Some were late and some on time but none were ever early. I kind of wish they had been those days it was raining.  I just show up at the given time and hope for the best.

The kids each have new teachers, the oldest is finding out quickly that her teacher is very nice and very helpful BUT she has rules that will be followed and if not there are consequences. She explained how in grade four they work on teaching kids more about taking responsibility. That I can say is something kids need these days and I like how this teacher works. We discussed my daughter and how we will be working together to help her in her scholastic struggles this year should she have any.

She hasn't even started bringing the homework home yet and I know it is something the teacher keeps a close eye on. We already had to sign something and the school has a new system to keep track by sticking bright pink "sign and return" stickers on anything important they need back. Good method, it also helps parents like me who forget everything to actually sign them and send them back!

Little guy's teacher seems nice although we have only ever corresponded through the communications book each kid is given at the beginning of the year. He hasn't had any negative notes in it, I know he's a pretty easy going kid and so far hasn't had any school problems. My only main concern is his behaviour on the bus, if big sister wasn't taking the same bus as him he may or may not have been let off at a different stops a couple times this week. Imagine finding out your kid was let off somewhere else? Needless to say many, many talks about bus safety and behaving on the bus have been had. It's all about keeping them safe.

I'm glad there are Friday's. It gives us a nice two days to recover and get back at it once again on Monday!

Have a great weekend readers!

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