September 2nd is a holiday here in Ontario but tomorrow marks the first day of school for my older kids. The summer has been a long one and we are all overdue for good old fashion routine. As nice as staying up and sleeping in a bit later have been, it's time to get back to early nights and early mornings.

It's been a bit difficult to get them back into routine, bed time is a constant battle of getting up with every single excuse possible from "I need a drink" to "Hey Mom/Dad did you know..." I know they have SO much to tell us but bedtime is bedtime and we are all obviously tired. It'll take some time but as always we will get back into the swing of things. 

The baby of course is on her own routine, shes more active and awake now that shes older but she goes to bed usually by 9:00 pm and wakes around 8:00 am. Shes been a solid night sleeper for months, it's very true when they say no two babies are the same - in my case no three babies are the same. 

They grow up way too fast. I went through their three dressers to see what they needed for school and to get rid of whatever they outgrew over the summer. I gave away three big garbage bags of clothes that don't fit K anymore. It would be great to keep them for her sister but the age difference is a bit much so it was better just to give them to somebody who could actually make use of them.

I also have a bunch of baby clothes in a box that we keep adding to for a friend as Baby M grows at an insane rate. Shes 8 months old and weighs almost 18 lbs, shes a butter ball! As for little guy, he I think has been the one who has grown the least, maybe a little taller. Most of his clothes still fit him but he obviously was due for some new school stuff as my kids have a tendency to be rough on their stuff.

We spent our last weekend playing games, relaxing and getting things ready for the week. We are lucky our school doesn't ask us to send our kids with a bag full of stuff they don't need the very first day, they provide the agendas for $5 each and the workbooks throughout the year. Just the basics need to be sent, for little guy its spare shoes, spare clothes and his lunch. For K its spare shoes, basic pencil case and her lunch. It saves a lot not having to buy loose leaf paper, scribblers, binders, pens, pencils, erasers, art supplies etc. I remember the days when we were in elementary school our bags were so heavy on the first day and we were so excited to use our new school supplies. 

Our kids are excited to get back to school tomorrow, maybe not about using new supplies but they are both excited to start a new year and see their friends. This year is going to be a bit different I think, we have a new principal at school and of course the kids each have different teachers although I know Little Guy's teacher, K had her in SK too. Shes a good teacher.

Goodbye summer, we enjoyed you while it lasted. Now, it's time for another year of learning and growing!

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