We welcome Fall 2013 with open arms, the weather has finally decided which season it wanted to be in as the official first day of fall approached. Continue with the humid days of summer or cool it off already with the crispness of fall.

That means no more shorts and skirts in the mornings, jackets and hoodies are a must-have. The weather has become incredibly crisp very fast. Usually I would be preparing myself for one or more Fall conferences but unfortunately, I am sad to say I won't be making it this year. I decided it was a year to take off for my family (and myself). I will miss not seeing my fave blogging friends and brands at Blissdom Canada once again but my goals are set for 2014, I am determined to go next year! :)

October is looking to be another busy month between fall doctors appointments, school meetings and the craziness of the every day. We have been fighting off back to back colds and viruses the past couple of weeks. Little guy was struck over the weekend and is at home on the mend.

Thanks giving is a little more special this year, it is our baby's first Thanksgiving (hard to believe she will be a year old in December) and we plan to just have a simple Thanksgiving weekend at home, maybe a turkey on the sunday. I know the kids always enjoy our dinners. We had been invited to gatherings but with little guy not feeling so great these days and just being exhausted from the every day we decided it would be best to save the BIG celebrations for Christmas when we invite the family over to celebrate.

Halloween is coming up in a few short weeks too, I have a post up on the PTPA blog about "What age is too old for Trick or Treating" - if you want to weigh in check out the post here. Also, look for my Halloween Safety post coming up on AME.

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