September has been a busy month spent getting prepared and back into the swing of things - the first month back is always the most difficult I find! I think we enjoyed our lazy summer days a little bit too much. In all honesty, it hasn't really been that bad. Maybe because the kids are getting a little older and we've "been there, done that" or it could be because as parents we have always taken the extra step to take care of the little things that make the big difference. 

For my older two kids it's about making sure they have the essentials they need to start their day from clean clothes on their backs to good nutritious lunches in their lunch kits. Items are layed out the night before and alarms set for the next day. It isn't always a perfect scenerio mind you, we all have our moments of weakness and we have been late from time to time. Nobody is perfect but we all do our best, everyday. 

My youngest has yet to attend school but when she does and as her siblings were, she will be ready. As they get older its the little everyday things also give them the confidence and life-skills they need to face the world.

P&G believe the everyday little things can have the most impact in life. See how P&G help six disorganized college students change their lives in the form of a big blue box - sometimes all they need is a little boost! 

I thought the video was kind of funny and I really hope my kids don't live like those guys in the video when they are in college! Call me a germaphobe or clean freak, but just watching that made me want to break out the Mr. Clean myself and Swiffer myself! Let's hope they kept their dorm clean after the special surprise visit! 

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