Yesterday was the first day of school, they were so happy to be back they barely said "Good-bye!" to me. They grow up so fast, I still remember them running back from the bus to give just one more hug! 

The morning went well and with ease, despite my fear of missing the alarm (I can totally sleep right through it when I'm tired) and of course fear of missing the bus. Everyone was prepared the night before (you're welcome), clothes laid out and lunches made. They had no problem getting up and ready, they were that excited to get back to school. 

The only bad part was the bus being late, that can always cause a panic on the first day of school. We found out as the bus arrived that they had to assign a new driver for our route last minute and the driver was simply trying to find his way around his new route. No problem, it was everyone's first day back!

Miss K heading off for grade 4 and Mr. D heading off to SK!
While the kids were getting back into school, I was getting back into the swing of things around here on the blog, organizing emails - the fun stuff. It was strange not being asked for something every two minute but of course I still have my littlest one at home to take care of. 

I guess I was excited to hear how their days went because I showed up a little early for the bus and had to wait but at least he was on time.  Once they got off the bus they had a million and one things to tell me including how much they liked their teachers, especially K. 

K is in grade 4 so she has had her share of teachers over the years. Some were excellent and some didn't quite understand K's uniqueness. From a parental perspective I can see a pattern; She does better when she has a teacher who she likes and this year her teacher is all she talked about aside from the people she is happy are in her class this year. I think it's going to be a good year for her. 

Little guy did great in JK and we are hoping for the same thing for SK. So far he says he likes his teacher and that she is nice. Parent-teacher meetings are coming up in a few weeks so we will be finding out soon enough.

This first day was such a whirl wind, it was an early night for everyone. I do say though, for the first day back into the whole school routine - I think everyone did pretty good!

We all hope you had a wonderful first day/week back to school and here's to another great year! :)

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