Dreams are something we are born with. During childhood a dream may be as big as to be the next star player on a little league team or as small as wishing you could have that special toy you've always wanted. As we get older we need to hold onto our dreams. Do you dream about having something you never had before? Dream of maybe one day making a difference in the world?
It's important to harbour hopes and dreams in our children of tomorrow. Let them know it's OK to dream, it's great to have goals. Without dreams where would we be? Everything we know and use in our daily lives was once someone's dream, inspired in someone's mind and made with their love and soul. Everyone has that spark, children are the biggest dreamers of all.
My oldest daughter said her dream is to one day become a fashion designer and donate part of her earnings to families who need either money or clothes - she's got a big heart. My son wants to be a Karate man or an astronaut he claims. He's also only five years old which is the fun thing, kids have imaginations for a reason. Let them dream, they could be on the right track to something good.
As a mom, I have dreams for each of my children. I dream of them growing up happy and healthy, I dream of them being well educated and accomplishing things their father and I didn't or wouldn't have thought to accomplish ourselves. I dream of them being part of helping this world find a better tomorrow.
World Vision believes in the importance of dreams, especially children. Imagine growing up not having the right to dream? When every day is a fight to live, reality takes over the ability to dream. Every child around the world deserves the right to a childhood filled with dreams - even if they can't all come true, it gives hope.
If you have a dream to share, upload it now to the Dream Share Wall at http://sharemydream.org. You can also tweet your dream using the #DreamShare hashtag or write your own blog post on any dream topic of your choice! Dream Share is an initiative of World Vision, a global Christian relief, development and advocacy organization that believes every child should have the ability to dream – and dream big! As of September 28th - 87 dreams were shared, including one of my own! Go ahead, join us for #DreamShare!
Posted in participation with World Vision #DreamShare. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. Not sponsored, charity post.

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