Since 1998, Furby has graced North America bringing these electronic, robotic, cute little pets into the homes of thousands of happy kids. Furby was re-released by Hasbro a few years ago and has captured the hearts of kids everywhere once again.

Furby has evolved over the years from simply speaking in multiple languages to using an iPad and Android apps to interact with them. The newest edition to the Furby family, Furby Boom brings a whole new way of fun to an old friend.

Furby comes in an attractive box, there's even a tuff of soft fur on the top to let you know which colour and pattern your Furby will be! Furby Boom has twice the interactions of the original Furby, remembers its given name, five new personalities to discover and on top of that they are hatching a new generation with an interactive app you can use with Furby Boom

Furby Boom features:

- New fab fur patterns

- 5 personalities to discover

- Furbies can talk to eachother and love making friends

- Remembers name and names of other Furby Boom's it meets

- Speaks "Furbish" but can learn english words when you talk to it!

- Furby's personality changes depending how you play, it's like a new Furby every day!

Play with Furby Boom using the Furby Boom app! Give your Furby Boom a new name. Take care of your Furby Boom by giving it virtual food, showers and more in the app. Play games with Furby and hatch virtual Furblings and eventually grown your own Furby Boom City!

Even more fun, throughout the year Furby Boom creature will release "easter eggs" within its game such as "howl at the moon" function. The Furby Boom knows when its a full moon and when on the home screen in the app, will send out a signal to the Furby Boom friend to let out a howl every 30 seconds from 12am on the first day to 4am on the second day of a full moon cycle! In addition, the LCD eyes of Furby Boom will transform to a howling wolf! This spooktacular Howl at the moon function will begin just in time for Halloween on October 31st!

This is definitely on this years holiday must-have list. The kids love interactive toys and ones that have an app to go with them is always a plus. I think my kids are going to have fun with Furby Boom!

You can find Furby Boom for around $59.99 at Toys R Us, Walmart and other stores that carry Hasbro toys. Learn more about Furby Boom on the official website!

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Hasbro Canada. Complimentary product received for review purposes. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.

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