Trick or treat, smell my feet - give me something good to eat. Also, don’t forget to give them some tips this Halloween!

Trick or treating is so much fun when you’re little! The excitment of picking out and dressing up in your costume to go out and collect candy with mom and dad! When choosing a costume, I’ve always kept safety in mind. I do not like costumes with masks. They are hot, make the kids sweat and they are also dangerous. Many masks are made too big for little heads and they can’t see out of the eye holes. With a mask on their faces in the dark you are asking for a tumble or two. It’s good to either cut the holes bigger at home before you go (if you can) or use non-toxic face paint and avoid the whole mask situation. If little one is persistent like ours was about his Batman mask, flip it up over his face while he walks door to door and let him put it on before they open the door for the loot!

Don’t trip up, try to avoid costumes that are too big or have a long cape, skirt or robe. Walking with something entrapping your feet or that you need an extra hand to hold up is not ideal for anyone, especially a little kid on Halloween. My son was Batman and the first time he wore his costume the cape was super long, we had to trail behind him holding it like he was king Batman! Pants are a great alternative to skirts and robes (unless the accessory is absolutely necessary) and besides up here in Canada it’s moderately chilly around this time of year anyway!

Reusing a costume is OK. Yes my son is going to be Batman for a third year in a row, his choice. What can I say, he loves the caped crusader. Besides, it fits him better and it is probably his last year being Batman.

Really, unless you live in a small town where everyone knows everyone chances are the people your kids visit for Halloween won’t remember what they were wearing last year. In the city, there are oodles of Batmans running around.

Making a costume is even better! You don’t have to be a great seamstress to make a cool costume for your kid. All you need is some imagination and inspiration. Ideas are just a Google away!

Stay bright and avoid dark colours at night. There are a lot of people and a lot of cars out there on Halloween night. It’s best to stay safe, especially with younger kids and use either a flashlight or better yet have the kids wear fun glow sticks! They come in a variety of colours to match any costume too! Places like grocery stores and coffee shops like Tim Hortons usually offer free flashy Halloween loot bags for the kids to collect their goodies.

Have a plan. If you have older kids who may want to venture off trick or treating without mom and dad by their side, have a plan. These days most families have cell phones to keep in touch in case anything happens but for those who don’t a good idea would be to have a meeting place at a certain time (even home!). Our kids are still young but we walk in buddies. Hubby usually walks with our boy and me with the girl, this year we have a baby with us but she won’t be collecting candy this year.

Speaking of candy, after a long evening of prowling the streets for candy our kids are hungry. Before they dig into that bag of sweet loot please check each and every candy carefully. You never know when goodies may be expired, opened or worse, tampered with. I have a scary story about that. My parents used to check me and my brothers candy after Halloween and one year I was eating one of those Baseball Bat chewy toffee things on a stick. The stick was white paper (like most candy even today) but halfway through the toffee I found a big sliver of brown wood! My mother was appalled and made me throw it out (obviously). Nothing more came of it but I still remember it, we definitely check the candy stash before they dig in, no question.

I hope everyone has a great Halloween, let’s keep it scary in a fun way and keep things safe!

Happy Halloween!

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