Parents know how important it is to keep our kids safe with the vast amount of technology available, we talked about this with #TELUSWISE a couple of weeks ago.

Telus are on top when it comes to keeping you and your loved ones connected but they are also on top when it comes to keeping your kids safe online and mobile. Telus are proud partners with The Canadian Center for Child Protection and have been working with the Missingkids.ca program to launch a new free app to help parents keep track of their kids and keep everyone safer.


I have never experienced it nor would I wish it upon any parent in the world but lets face reality, children can go missing - it unfortunately happens every day all over the country. Be one more step prepared with Find Me ID.

Find Me ID is a free downloadable app available for anyone with an iPhone or Android phone. It is a critical tool to have access to if (heaven forbid) your child go missing.

Find Me ID is a safe and secure way for parents to store current information and photos of each child by creating a profile within the app. There are automated prompts to let you know when its time to update certain details too, your information is always current. Find Me ID is password protected too, so your information is also safe. Find Me ID is an electronic version of already available Child ID kits.

Find Me ID is not only a great preventative tool but incase of incident it allows law enforcement access to valuable information quickly that could help find a child. When a child goes missing - every second counts.

Find Me ID app is proudly supported by Lifetouch, Old Navy and TELUS. You can download the Find Me ID app for free through the App Store and Google Play!

Disclosure: Posted on behalf of TELUS and Canadian Center for Child Protection. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.

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