Do you ever keep objects because of sentimental value? I do, sometimes. No, I don't hoard every thing I get my hands on but over the years I have been able to salvage some things I would never throw away and I would be devastated if I ever lost. 

One thing is a special painting, one my aunt made for me when I was a child. She was so good at it too, especially cartoons. I remember she painted the "Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction" album cover on a canvass for my brother. For me, being younger - she painted the cover of Beauty and the Beast. I've always been a sucker for Disney movies, it was always one of my favourites. 

It always hung on my wall across from a framed Little Mermaid poster my mom had bought me the same year. Both pictures displayed on my wall until I grew up and posters of movie and rock stars occupied the space. I never threw them away though, despite my rebel years of teenhood, I still kept that sentimental place in my heart for them. I had them placed in the back of my closet wrapped in plastic where they couldn't be damaged.

Now I have girls of my own and those pictures came out of their hiding place first in K's room. They have been in her room since she outgrew Dora the Explorer and wanted to be a princess. Unfortunately though once her little sister grew old enough to notice faces, she did not like the sea witch on the Little Mermaid picture and we had to take it off the wall. She doesn't mind the Beast though, maybe it's that "love" smirk he's got going on. 

I have always loved  it because it's hand painted with love and will always be a memory I have of my aunt who has always been one of my favourite people. We need to get together more often Aunt S! :-)

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  1. What a beautiful painting! And what lovely childhood memories it must bring. Your aunt is very talented!


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