We live in a digital world, everything we need to know or want to know is literally at our finger tips on the Internet and accessible by the computers, tablets and smart phones of today.

With the rapid advancement in everyday technology - new programs and apps are pouring into our lives on a daily basis giving access to even more channels exposing families like yours and mine to online exploitation including sexual predators, cyberbulling and financial fraud, among others. You aren't always as safe as you think you are behind your computer screen.

Our kids generation are the Internet Generation. They have been born to and raised with technology since the get-go with so many different devices available today, some as tools and some as simple entertainment. It's better to be safe than sorry. 

We have all heard stories, news reports and have perhaps been victim of or have witnessed internet abuse in one form or another. It's scary isn't it? It could have been you or worse, your tween or teenager. 

We all know that computers and the Internet are used daily by almost everyone, including students of all ages. With the amount of information available both good and bad, it can be a scary thought giving your child access to the unknown. 

I have been using the Internet pretty much my entire adulthood and I have always tried to keep up to date with the latest scams, Internet threats and more but not every parent is educated when it comes to the Internet and don't know the dangers that may lurk behind that link their child clicked. 

How can some parents educate their children about the importance of staying safe online when they aren't aware of the dangers themselves? Learn with #TELUSWISE!

PTPA award winning TELUS WISE is a free program available to help Canadians young and old, develop safer online habits. There are two parts to the program, TELUS WISE for adults and TELUS WISE footprint for children and youth aged 8 to 18!

TELUS WISE is an easy-to-use program that offers free in-person learning seminars across the country. Learning sessions at over 200 TELUS locations, TELUS WISE provides a vast library of online resources to help educate Canadians about online threats and how to stop problems before they can happen. 

TELUS WISE footprint is a secure portal specifically for kids aged 8 to 18 where they can log in, create an avatar and learn about how they can be a smart digital citizen by keeping their online footprint clean. It's a great online tool that explains Internet dangers in a way kids can understand - with cartoons! 

Definitely something I would recommend looking into for both you and your kids. Even I am going to be sitting down with my oldest and signing up for TELUS WISE footprint. She has just begun using the Internet, it's never too early to start being safe and I know there are probably a few new things I could learn myself. 

Learn more about this fantastic program by visiting TELUS WISE and TELUS WISE footprint websites! Join in the chatter on Twitter with @Telus using hashtag #TELUSWISE

Posted on behalf of Telus. Opinions and comments are those of the author. 

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