Sacrafices are made when you become a mom, no doubt as most of our time is spent taking care of our new bundle of joy so a lot of grown-up things are put on the back burners. As a new parent though, you need to remember to take care of you and continue to enjoy the grown up things.

Why not play hookie with the baby to see the latest blockbuster? Yes, bring your baby (and maybe even your husband) to the movies!

Movies for Mommies was created just for that - enjoying grown-up things, with your baby. Moms and Dads can enjoy weekly matinees at a baby-friendly cinema created just for them! Each location has change tables set up with complimentary Pampers diapers and wipes, just in case. Sound levels are toned down to protect little ears and the lighting is dimmed just right making it easier to nurse and bottle warmers are set up for those mid-movie feedings. There is plenty of space to park a stroller too, no need to worry about your gear because it'll be right there with you. Best of all, no dirty looks when baby fusses - we've all been there.

Movies for Mommies has monthly pre-show programs including free infant massage clinics, baby photos, baby signing demos and more! Each Movies for Mommies location has a demo table set up at the front of the theater filled with samples for mom and baby including Pampers Sensitive Wipes, baby food, baby snacks, adult vitamins and more.

Save the date! November 18th to 29th Movies for Mommies will have local baby photographers on site to do FREE holiday photos before the show! *Photoshoots and dates posted on moviesformommies.com. Photographers will provide proofs available for purchase.*

First time attending Movies for Mommies? Here are a few things you should know:

- Movies For Mommies run programs in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Colombia.

- Timing varies with weekly matinees starting between noon and 1pm.

- Movies are all the latest and greatest, with a mix of romantic comedy, action, and drama. Please note these are grown-up movies and not suitable for toddlers or children.

- Arrive at Movies for Mommies early. The hostess will greet you with a welcome bag and membership card which grants you a 7th movie FREE!

- Movies for Mommies are best enjoyed with babies aged 0-12 months. The younger the baby, the better the chance they will sleep through most of, if not all of the movie in the dark.

The closest Movies for Mommies location to us here in Ottawa is at the Rainbow Theaters in St. Laurent Shopping Center. Starting November 14th (alternating Thursdays starting at 1pm with doors open at 12:30pm) you can see Don Jon for $8 an adult and free parking at the mall! 

For more information about Movies for Mommies and to find a location nearest you please visit http://www.moviesformommies.com/ 

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  1. My kids are all grown now, but I remember it was years before I finally took some 'me' time. I started to exercise early in the morning before my hubby went to work and before the kids woke up. Exercise was the best thing to energize me for the rest of the hectic day.
    Julie G.

  2. I started looking around my community (library) for free classes to try. I would sign up and just tell my husband after work he was putting the kids to bed that night. it feels so good to walk away from the chaos that is preschoolers relax for an hour and then come back to peace and quiet before going to bed myself. I always find myself much more relaxed the next day and ready to deal with whatever they throw at me.


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