Halloween has come and gone once again, it wasn’t looking very promising for trick-or-treating either. It rained all day long which made for some dreary moods. The kids were certain they wouldn’t be going out because it was still raining when they got home.
We got everything ready just the same, the kids into the costumes and bags ready to go. Last minute Miss K decided she wanted to be “Draculara” from Monster High, a costume I had reviewed especially for her last year. Hair up in cute pony tails and a little light makeup, she was good to go looking spooktacular! Little guy had his heart set on being Batman again, nothing wrong with that! He transformed into his Bat suit, grabbed his orange treat bag and was ready to go! Our littlest one won’t remember this Halloween or probably the next two, shes 10 months old but we got her into the spirit too by dressing her as a bug. I had her bundled up so well she fell asleep in her stroller before I could get a group shot. Oh well, next year!
We brought an umbrella along but just as we were leaving it miraculously stopped raining! Everyone was more than happy plus it was pretty mild out considering the chilly weather we have been having lately!

I can say I am disappointed at the lack of effort some people put into Halloween but I am grateful we still have people in our community who are in the spirit of whatever holiday is celebrated at the time, including Halloween.
During our trick-or-treating adventure we passed by a house which was decorated with lit up paper jack-o-lanterns. Of course my little guy is attracted to anything shiny and before leaving after collecting his treats, casually told the man sitting outisde that he really liked his pumpkin lights. The guy smiled and asked my son if he wanted one to bring home with him. My son thought that was great and said “Thank you very much, sir!”. Just before my daughter turned to leave, he offered her one too. Hubby and I laughed, poor guy had another group of kids coming right after us, he still had lanterns on the way back so luckily he didnt lose them all to trick-or-treaters.

We didn’t have too many mishaps this Halloween except when little guy slipped and landed on his Batman bum, this is why mommy says not to run! He also dropped his entire loot load on someones porch. The poor girl was trying to help him pick it up and he is the slowest picker-upper ever. I jumped in and scooped it back into his bag quickly with an “I’m so sorry!”.
After that it seemed to be smooth sailing until we got home. The kids came home happy, exhausted and ready to see what loot they got. What do you do with all your Halloween goodies?
We sort and separate the candy, chocolate and chips. We found only a handful of no-good candy. Oh and thanks to those who gave some empty wrappers, I know its nice to enjoy Halloween candy but other peoples garbage is gross. We got a few of those too.
The kids won’t eat ALL of it, they didn’t get too many strange candies so thats good! I know the faves won’t last long, thats for sure. My favourite are Reese Peanut Butter cups and Aero Bars!
I’m happy we still have a few years of trick-or-treating excitment left between the kids. I asked Miss K if this would be her last year, seeing she will be 10 and all next year. She said no (I already knew this, I like to joke with my oldest), she will think up a great scary costume but until shes a “teenager” she will trick or treat. That’s fine with me, as long as you let the little ones go first! :-)

We hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween! :)

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