My son is active and loves playing games. He can be competitive so I'm always trying to find ways to encourage both - active play, sports etc. He enjoys pretty much any sport that involves a ball of some kind and a goal. 

Elefun and friends games are perfect indoor fun for little ones who like a challenge and a good laugh. They feature Elefun and friends characters like Gatorific the Alligator in Gator Goal

A fun new way to play soccer kids can stomp, chomp and launch their soccer ball in Gator Goal! Made to play solo or with friends, take the Gator Goal challenge and load your ball into the soccer ball launcher. Gain points by setting off your ball launcher and knocking out Gatorifics teeth with your amazing shots! His eyes will spin and his flag will pop up when your little one scores!

My kids always ask me about a million questions a day, I love hearing them ask and learn. They start many a phrase with "Hey mom, guess what?" making me guess the answer to whatever it is they are about to say. 

Turn the question asking around with PTPA award winning Magic Jinn! A question game like no other, interactive and entertaining game that will have your kids (and you) thinking and laughing!

Find out if the mystical, magical Jinn can truly read your mind! Think of an animal and press Magic Jinn's nose to begin, he will ask questions and tell you what animal you are thinking of! Can your little ones outsmart this smarty cat? Play and find out! Made to play with one person, Magic Jinn can be fun for everyone and kids can make a game of it taking turns and taking points every time Magic Jinn gets his answer right! Ages 3+, batteries not included! 

Magic Jinn also has an app available for iPhone and Android! Can't stay home and play with Magic Jinn? Take him on the road in this fun and interactive learning app! Best part, it's a free download! :) 

You can find these and other great Hasbro games at stores like Toys R Us and Walmart or online at www.Hasbro.ca

Disclosure: Posted by AME on behalf of Hasbro Canada. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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