As we prepare for the upcoming holiday season, not only are we shopping for gifts on our list, trimming our trees and preparing our houses to be warm for welcoming guests but we are also using the holiday season as an opportunity to once again show our children that sharing is caring. 

Kellogg's Rice Krispies cereal and The Salvation Army have teamed up to bring us #treatsfortoys, a creative and fun new way to share the holiday spirit with families in need. From now until December 22nd, Rice Krispies will donate $20 to The Salvation Army, to a maximum of $30,000, whenever a photo of a toy-shaped treat using Rice Krispies cereal is uploaded to the Rice Krispies website!

Making a difference is as easy as Snap! Crackle! Pop!

Everyone can take part in the Rice Krispies Treats for Toys holiday program by creating a design of a toy-shaped treat from Rice Krispies cereal or you can check out the give toy-shaped recipes found on ricekrispies.ca. Once you create your masterpiece, you can transform it into a $20 donation to The Salvation Army. Of course there is no baking involved when making these yummy treats so even younger kids can get involved and have some family fun being creative in the kitchen! 

Here's how you can help with #treatsfortoys:

Select one of the five new Rice Krispie recipes on ricekrispies.ca to make a toy shaped treat. Or, get creative and come up with your own too!

Take a picture of your finished creation, my kids had a blast with this as they love showing off what they make! 

Upload the pictures to RiceKrispies.ca and share them with your social media friends on Twitter and Facebook (sharing is not mandatory but its fun!)! Rice Krispies will in turn donate a toy to a child in need.

Rice Krispies sent us along a fun #treatsfortoys kit to get started on making our creations. Our kit included a box of Kellogg's Rice Krispies, decorative icing, decorative candies, fondant and marshmallows! Also in our kit was a collectible toy robot, love it!

Out of the five great recipes from Kellogg's the kids chose of course the RK-Robot and Princess Pop. We decided to create smaller versions, thus having more Rice Krispies treats and decorations to create with! 

We made two pans of Rice Krispie Treats which left us more than enough to create several #treatsfortoys goodies! 

My oldest of course wanted to create Princess Pop, she did a really good job using her own imagination! 

My son made the Crackle-Saurus! A scary looking but sweet tasting dinosaur treat!

If that wasn't enough, he also wanted to make the RK-Robot! Together we built a futuristic, Rice Krispie robot. He was really tasty too!

The kids had a blast creating and eating their toy-shaped treats. I was lucky to be able to take pictures but they were willing to wait knowing it was for a good cause. The RK-Robot did however fall over from being a little top heavy, too much good stuff! We salvaged him onto a plate but at least we were able to snap a shot to upload before he toppled over! :) 

My kids were happy to help upload our three photos to the RiceKrispies.ca website, knowing we were doing our small part to help make a difference in the holidays for a family somewhere. We had a blast doing it! 

Have some fun this holiday season and upload pictures of your own creations! Follow the holiday cheer on Twitter using hashtag #treatsfortoys 

Posted on behalf of Kellogg's in participation with #treatsfortoys. Product was received to facilitate this post however opinions and comments are those of the author. 

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  1. We made our rice krispie treats for toys Robot yesterday - it was the perfect Sunday afternoon activity. And, a great teaching opportunity with the kids.

  2. I've been loving all the pictures i have seen online of all the characters being built from Rice Krispies squares. So amazing! Can't wait to see more!

  3. What an awesome program, I love that a family can participate in a fun activity, and then simply upload a photo of their creations to have Kelloggs donate 20.00 to the Salvation Army. Definitely a win/win for everyone!

  4. $30,000 dollars to the Salvation Army! Wow, that is soooo awesome! Thanks for sharing.


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