Dolls are so many things to little girls. They are doorways to a whole new world of imagination and adventure. They are a best friend, a confident and someone to hug when they are scared or can't sleep. Dolls can be so much more than just a toy.

I have two daughters which make dolls the perfect toy - there are so many to choose from in stores! My oldest daughter is into fashion dolls and dolls that are more the collectible kind. She has so many but continues to enjoy collecting them, insisting they each have a unique quality she admires. 

My youngest daughter is at the exploring age, she is aware of her surroundings and loves to learn by getting her hands on anything she can, especially soft toys.

13" Mooshka Doll
Mooshka Dolls are a great idea for a first doll. Mooshka dolls are cuddly dolls made with super soft material. The story behind Mooshka Dolls is a cute one: They were once paper dolls until one day they joined hands and through the power of friendship became huggable girls! They have sweet faces, no button eyes or any removable parts.

There are 13 dolls in the Mooshka Dolls collection including Sing Around the Rosie and Tots! Each doll has a unique name and their own story. Mooshka Doll comes with her own paper doll, finger puppet and access to an interactive e-book and Mooshka Doll apps for i-devices!
9.5" Mooshka Tot

Mooshka Dolls are recommended for ages 2+ but I could see it being enjoyed by younger girls minus the paper and finger puppet dolls. Mooshka Dolls come in two sizes, 9.5" ($14.99) and 13" ($19.99). You can find Mooshka Dolls at most major retailers in the toy department. 

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