OtterBox has become a household name for those of us who happen to own any tablets or smart phones. You pay a decent amount for your device, why not think of it as an investment and think of OtterBox as your insurance. Something worth buying to keep your investment safe from harm. We have used OtterBox on iPhone before and iPad 3 is just as amazing a case. 

It is so easy to damage your gadget from simple every day things and carelessness but it doesn't have to be with OtterBox. Keeping your device in an OtterBox can give you peace of mind if you decide to let your little one play that game he has been begging to play for weeks. The stand feature with the case is very useful to stand up the iPad if you don't want to hold it or lay it down.

It's a bit on the bulky side but for a reason as it does have several layers which help the case make your iPad shock resistant (if you drop it or it falls) and water resistant (getting caught in a rain shower when the weather app said sunny skies). It fits on the iPad nice and snug which is what you want in a case. You don't want your device bashing around inside the case which could cause damage. OtterBox has every area covered!

OtterBox makes it easy to set up and begin using with step-by-step instructions. Follow those and you can't go wrong.

OtterBox is known for their high-quality cases for smart phones, tablets and iPads alike. Like it's little brother (the iPhone defender case) it keeps the iPad safe and sound from the elements of the everyday. You don't need to remove the case at all once you place it on your iPad, it becomes a perminent shell and is so useful if you are like my husband and use it for just about everything web based.

OtterBox gives you a safe environment to house your iPad with the OtterBox defender case. The built in protector screen was practically invisible and did not decrease the sensitivity of the touch screen at all. It keeps dust, finger marks, scratches from debris and other things off the iPad - keeping it looking brand new. 

I have always found OtterBox to be a little bit expensive when it comes to a case but like I said, think of it as insurance for your already expensive investment. Which would you rather, buying a case under $100 or buying another $1000 iPad because you dropped it and broke it? I think the money on a case like this is well spent nonetheless.

We have purchased OtterBox products before at regular retail price and were actually looking into them for the iPad however our local electronics store didnt have any for the iPad3 in stock. I am happy with this case and I would have purchased one for my hubbys iPad had we not had the opportunity to review it. I would recommend an OtterBox case to anyone purchasing an Apple device this holiday season, it makes a great add-on gift.

Available in multiple different colours (ours is the yellow one), you can purchase the Otterbox iPad 3 Defender Case online for $89.95!

I was very excited when PTPA asked me to test and evaluate the OtterBox Defender case for iPad and happy to say it has been announced an official PTPA award winner and for good reason too! 

To learn more about Otterbox and other products they offer visit the OtterBox website. Find other great PTPA approved family products on the PTPA website too! 

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  1. I was lucky enough to win an Otterbox at the PTPA twitter party and I LOVE it, it's amazing. I don't worry about my toddler getting his hands on it quite as much anymore :)


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