During the summer months one of my favourite ways to dry my laundry is hanging it on the line outside on a breezy, sunny day. Not only do we save energy and money but the clothes always comes in smelling fresher than fresh. I don't know about yours but my family always appreciate soft, fresh smelling laundry - it's the little things.

We are now in November and it's cooler outside so our use of the clothesline has been put to rest for the fall and winter months but our clothes and linens still smell fresh and feel super soft thanks to Downy! I love new Downy Unstopables and now new Infusions for my linens, especially things we use frequently like towels and bedding.

With so many scentsational choices between Downy Infusions and Unstopables like Orchid Allure, Lavender Serenity, Lush & Shimmer my only problem is choosing which ones to use each load!

Find your perfect laundry scent with the help of "Amy the Fortune Smeller"! Mix fresh Infusions with vibrant Unstopables and this fab duo can keep clothes and linens smelling scentsational for up to 12 weeks!

Meet funny and interactive "Amy the Fortune Smeller". Pick your favourite scented softness (Downy Infusions) and your favourite scented scentyness (Downy Unstopables) to reveal your scently personality!

Amy will scan the scentosphere to tell you when your scent says about you. You can share your scentsy self with communities via Facebook and Twitter! Also, once she makes her reveal, you get a coupon for Downy!

As you can see she gave me "Viva La Pop Star" after choosing two of my favourite scents in Infusions Cashmier Glow and Unstopables Shimmer! Fun and entertaining, you can visit Amy the Fortune Smeller and see what she says about you and your scently personality on the official Downy website!

Posted by AME in participation with the P&G Mom program. Product samples and other incentives are received as part of this program but do not reflect my overall satisfaction of said product. Opinions and comments on this blog are mine and a reflection of my experiences.

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  1. My scent personality is Cool Girl Siren

  2. I'm a Firecracker Siren. Who knew?!
    Julie G.

  3. My scent personality is Cool Girl Siren

  4. My scent personality is Posh Firecracker.
    weezi_k (at) hotmail (dot) com

  5. Sassyfrass Posh <- sounds awesome!

    Melinda L.

  6. I turned out to be Cool Girl Siren! Cute eh?

  7. Pop Star Posh

    A quick kiss between light, bright florals and soothing, gourmet vanilla.

  8. I would be Cool Girl Siren

    SueSueper Sue

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