I love baking and the holidays are a great excuse to get back into it, especially when family and friends come together to enjoy it. It's fun for everyone, the kids always love being my special little kitchen helpers. 

I tried a recipe for Holiday Sugar Cookies, they came out perfect and taste heavenly. Not my first time making sugar cookies but my first time with a new recipe. I chose this particular recipe out of the millions available online because it doesn't call for a whole lot of ingredients, easy to make and the reviews below the recipe raved. They were so good I lost a batch between my kids who wanted to send them in as Christmas gifts for the teachers! Why not, they are homemade and nut-free! I hope they enjoyed eating them as much as we enjoyed making them.

The original recipe does say it makes 60 cookies and that would have been way too much for the first try of it so I used the websites measuring tool and cut it down to make only 48 instead. Enough to send to school and enough to enjoy before the holidays. I'll most likely make more before Christmas Eve sometime for guests who happen to pop by over the holidays for coffee and gifts.

The recipe is simple, it takes minutes to throw together and chills well in the fridge. You could also make the 60 batch and freeze or chill half for later use. The dough is easy to work with and cut out well. They bake fairly quickly, the type of cookies you have to watch and I am happy to say not a single one was burned or as my mom would have said "scorched".

The great thing about sugar cookies is they can be used for more than just Christmas cookies. I couldn't find all of my cookie cutters for the life of me except for a stocking and a little man. My oldest daughter calls them "Sugar Cookie Men". Kind of like the Gingerbread mans cousin. 

Christmas cookie baking would not be complete without decorating the cookies. Although the ones pictured on the original website are pretty fancy, I kept it simple with white frosting and some festive sprinkles.

Over all, I give this recipe (and these cookies) two big thumbs up and suggest if you are looking for the perfect sugar cookie recipe to give this one a try!

Happy holiday baking! 

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