Our Christmas tree lights up the living area of our home with some unwrapped presents still sitting under the tree. The leftovers from our holiday family celebrations. We had a nice, quiet and family focused Christmas. You may have seen me posting some of our #FamilyChristmas photos on Instagram

We celebrated our own traditional family Christmas Eve dinner with my mom and step dad. We enjoyed a great turkey and all the fixings, cooked by me. Gifts were exchanged and laughs were had. On Christmas Day it was more relaxed with just my dad (aka Grandpa) over for a short visit. The rest of the day we spent together just enjoying the day and enjoying the quiet we got from the kids who were busy with what Christmas brought them. 

Although it isn't the same as when we were growing up, or at least  how I remember it, I am glad we have who we do have in our lives to celebrate the special moments with our family. The moments we only get to do once before our kids grow before our eyes. That's the best part of Christmas to me. Seeing my loved ones together and happy. 

Looking back on 2014, I can say it was overall a fair year. We had our share of ups and downs but we survived. We may not be any richer but we are healthy and we are together. That I am grateful for every day.

Into the new year we go with new goals, hopes and dreams to come. However you celebrate the rest of the holiday season, we wish you all health, wealth and above all happiness in all you do. 

Cheers! See you in the new year! 

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At the beginning of December or even starting in mid-November, I find myself on a holiday high. I have high expectations of myself and how our family will be celebrating Christmas and New Years. Once things really kick into gear, like right now in the middle of the holiday rush, I can admit I start to feel the stress sometimes.

Is my tree decorated enough? Did I bake the right goodies? Will I have time to wrap all the gifts, did I forget anybody? Can I keep this place clean on time for the holiday guests on Christmas eve? All these questions run through my mind during this time of year with seemingly never enough time to do what we want in one day. Holiday preparation on top of every day duties, we can all agree this particular season can be a big rush and a stress inducer at it's best.   

During the holidays, especially on years like this year when our family is getting together at our house, I try not to make a big deal about it. Yes, deep down inside I want to impress my mom with my baking skills and my kids with what Santa brings brings them but honestly there is nobody to impress! Family isn't coming by to judge the decorations on your dinner table or count how many gifts you have for them under the tree. They are there to celebrate the occasion, enjoy your company and make a memory. Keep in mind that as long as everyone is together and smiling, the rest is just a bonus. 

To help the kids out, I try to maintain regular sleep schedules with bedtime not much later than they are used to during the school year. It only takes a couple of days to start a bad habit you don't want to have to break in the new year! 

If you need a boost to help you calm your nerves during the holiday season, Orange Naturals has a variety of products to help you and your family relieve that stress. You can check out the different kinds in the Orange Naturals Stress Archives

One product in particular that we have tried with our anxious children is Calm for kids. It gently eases their fears and settles those butterflies in the tummy. You can learn more about it here

Whatever you do and however you celebrate, have yourselves a happy, healthy holiday season!

Orange Naturals have made some changes recently. No, they didn't change anything about their great products but the name of their blog has changed! Introducing O Natural Living Naturally At Home - the same great content you've come to love with a brand new name.

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This month has been dedicated to all things holidays and that includes making and baking. I love baking different goodies and also gifting them to special people in our lives for Christmas. My only problem every single time is storing everything afterwards. 

I have lots of mix and match containers and lids. Some containers don't even have lids and I wouldn't even be able to tell you where those said lids went in the first place. Not only is it annoying when you are trying to find a container to store food in and can't but it's also annoying to have a cupboard full of mix and match items that don't even store well together. Things falling from the shelf even though you just organized it the best you could only to have it a big mess within minutes. 

This holiday season I am welcoming Ziploc into my kitchen. Holiday Ziploc® brand containers with One Press Seal are sturdy, shaped to store together and they are festively decorated in reds and greens. 

The Holiday Collection Ziploc containers give us fun, fabulous, quality products to help keep foods fresh and they also make great hostess gifts to bring to parties, potlucks, and cookies exchanges. Each container has a customizable area for messages, perfect for designating a gift recipient or labeling whats inside. 

These kitchen helpers come in three sizes: Large Rectangle (2.12L), Medium square (1.18L) and Large round (1.41L). You can find them where food containers are sold for around $4.95 a set. 

Ziploc also has Holiday freezer bags and holiday storage bags, helping save space in the fridge and freezer. These are your typical, durable Ziploc bags but with fancy holiday decorations to make it all the more festive. 

Please visit the official Ziploc website for more information! 


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My kids have to be the messiest kids ever. I love them but if I had a dollar for every spill they've managed to create within their existence, I would be rich.

No matter if I use a sippy cup with a tight lid or a straw, one of them will always manage to spill it and make a big mess. One event that happens too often is the old straw and spill where the child will tip their cup despite having a straw and causing a spill mess. Juice, milk and water often meet our kitchen floor.

We have one specific cupboard for kids cups, plates and bowls. The cup shelf is full with mix and match sippy cups and lids. The kids tend to misplace or sometimes break them resulting in most of the cups ending up with no lid at all. 

SipSnap are a new way to help prevent spills and also save space in the kitchen cupboards. Designed by moms with moms and kids in mind, SipSnap are silicone covers that fit virtually any sized cup (plastic or glass) by simply stretching the SipSnap and placing it firmly on top of the cup. 

SipSnap Tot has a spout that allows littler ones to enjoy drinks in any sized cup while SipSnap Kid has a handy dandy straw hole for any sized straw for your big kid to enjoy his or her drink from any sized glass without spilling it all over. The set even comes with a nice stainless steel straw to start you off although you could use any kind you have. I have glass straws and these are perfect for them! 

These are great because they are universal and can be used with any sized cup. They can replace expensive matching kid and sippy cup sets or if you're like us, replace lost sippy cup lids! If you're travelling, they come with a travel container you can put them in. They fold up to save space in the cupboards and are dishwasher safe! 

My oldest daughter enjoys using the SipSnap Kid, she said it helps her not spill her drink plus gives her cup a colourful cover. My younger son prefered the SipSnap tot even though he is six he still makes messes like the best of them. My youngest however was a little too young for the SipSnap tot. She examines new things and when tipped or shaken, her SipSnap lid did leak a little bit. I wouldn't recommend using these as cup lids and throw it in your bag to go type lids. I could see us using these at home, at a restaurant, visiting with relatives or at bbq's etc. 

They are even handy for adults if you think about it! Besides some adults being as clumsy as kids, the Sipsnap kid could be used out on the patio to keep any little bugs from flying into your cold drink, too! 

For more information about Sipsnap and their makers Double Double, please visit the official SipSnap website! Get 25% off until December 21st by using my coupon code below! 

25% OFF PROMO CODE: SIPSNAP-AME (ends Dec.21st)

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We just about have our holiday shopping chipped away and it'll be soon time to start wrapping everything. Before I get out the tape, paper and ribbons I always go through my checklist of people who we are gifting. There's always at least one person who is hard to buy for. Someone you can't get a personal gift for but don't want to just give them a gift card. 

Do you have some people on your list that you just can't think of what to buy for? Lands' End has some great gift ideas to surely please this holiday season!

Keep your BFF warm in a lovely 

Women's ThermaCheck®-100 hat and Women's ThermaCheck®-100 EZ Touch Gloves set! Keep warm and functional in chilly temps! The gloves have EZ touch tips on the finger and thumb so you can still use your phone and keep your gloves on! ThermaCheck®-100 fleece is super soft and warm but also light. Keep warm not hot! Hat and gloves are sold separately in various patterns. 

A Lands' End 100% cotton canvas wine tote might be just what you need to bring to your next holiday party. They beat those brown paper bags from the liquor store and they also make great gifts paired with a delicious wine chosen just for your them. You can also get a monogram sewn on the wine tote just for your holiday host or hostess. A simple yet elegant way to say thank you and happy holidays. 

From gorgeous clothing items to things for your home, you can find something for everyone on your list at Lands' End. 

Visit www.Landsend.com and get your last minute holiday orders in today!


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It's one thing to be able to tell a story through words but it's a totally different world when you are able to show emotions and create an impacting story using animations and pictures. That's exactly what Montreal based, award winning story artist and animation director, JC Little does. 

Who is PickleWeasel? He is a mischievous and he is trouble, a brilliant animation by JC LittleThe Animated Woman. If you are already a fan of her work, this first book definitely does not disappoint! In this all-new picture book, PickleWeasel - Picture Riddles, every page is a game! 

This book has 108 colourful and uniquely drawn pages and picture riddles inside range in difficulty from easy to some being more of a challenge. It's geared toward older kids around ages 8 and up but my six year old son also enjoyed it as much as his older sister and I did. If you don't know the answer to the picture riddle, it's not hard to find. Just look under your thumb! And, if you look at the top corner of the pages in the hardcover version there is a cute little PickleWeasel flip through animation. Love the extra touches!

Our favourite PickleWeasel moments - Can you guess the answers? 
This is a great book for all ages. Although I do love traditional hard cover books, the Kindle version of this is great because you can touch and swipe making it even more fun. A little birdie told me it's got extras included. 

It's a bit of learning and a whole lot of fun with quirky pictures and riddles that will have you smiling. I can't wait to see the rest of the PickleWeasel collection! 

A great addition to both your Kindle and home library collections, PickleWeasel Picture Riddles is available on Amazon in both Kindle edition and hard cover! There may still be time to get PickleWeasel under the Christmas tree this year! 

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During the holiday season most of us are busy with the hustle and bustle. Preparing our homes and purchasing gifts for our annual family celebration. There is another part to this holiday season which isn't always holly and jolly. This is when you stop and realize how lucky you are to have this holiday feast in front of you and an abundance of gifts to delight the eyes and hearts of your children because many families don't know where their next meal is coming from let alone have to worry about their family during the holiday season. 

One thing our family likes to do is give in the form of clothing and toy donations to our local charity. Right before the holiday season went into full swing we arranged several donation boxes and bags of gently used items our family outgrew or just doesn't need anymore. It feels good to give even if its just a small contribution because everybody needs a little help sometimes, especially during the holidays.  

Families that struggle to make ends meet on a daily basis have it rough during the holiday season. In the next year, McCain Foods will be donating food and monetary support to Food Banks of Canada to help fill those plates in need. 

We all know how much good can come from helping others. This holiday season McCain Foods wants to fill social media news streams with good tidings! You can get involved by sharing your good news stories via social media!

Did someone do something great and you 'd like to say thank you? Tweet it! Are you planning something special for someone in your community? Post it on Facebook! Did you bake up the best cookies for the cookie exchage? Share it!

Every time you share your good news using hashtag #McCainShareGood, $5 will be donated to Food Banks Canada (up to $50,000).

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When the family gets together, it can be a wonderful time. It can also be a hectic time with nerves flying everywhere as we want things to be just so. As much as we try to plan things like the best of them, sometimes our Christmas celebrations can go a bit awry. Unexpected happenings which at the time may be embarrassing or even maddening but over time, they make great memories and great stories to share.

One moment in particular before I had my own family, I wanted to bake cookies for my aunt who was coming for dinner. I followed the recipe exactly as it said (or so I thought) and baked up a yummy looking batch of "sugar" cookies. For some reason I did not taste test them before serving them to my aunt and cousins. The look on my aunts face when she bit into the first cookie was priceless. I accidentally misread a line in the recipe I was following and added 1/2 CUP instead of one tsp of baking soda. Salty! The whole batch had to go into the garbage. I was embarrassed and disappointed but we eventually all laughed it off. These days I make sure to triple check and have taste testers on hand to help. Nothing like reminiscing with funny stories with family during Christmas. 

This holiday season, Campbell's is encouraging Canadians to spill the beans (or wine perhaps in some cases?) and celebrate the humour of your most embarrassing or stressful holiday moments by sharing your confessions at www.campbellsholidaysecrets.ca! You can also share your story via social media with Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest! When you submit your story, you also have the chance to enter to win 1 of 100 pre-paid $100 credit gift cards!

You can always rely on Cambell's to help you serve up some great food hacks, nobody will tell the difference! 

Did dinner not cook as expected and you need to start over? Pepperidge Farm® Cracker Chips can help fill time – Fill a bowl with these and no one will notice that dinner’s late!

You don't want to make the same mistake and burn the turkey like last year. Campbell’s® Condensed SoupThe perfect foundation for classic recipes. Campbell's soup is always the first step to classic food hacks that even your mother-in-law will love.

Did you put your foot in your mouth by bragging about the best sugar cookies ever and your batch didn't exactly turn out? Pepperidge Farm® CookiesYour guests would prefer these. Throw out those home made disasters and serve up some of these. A quick fix for any occasion

Lastly, if you are far from a master baker Santa doesn't always have to have chocolate chip cookies on his plate! Serve him up some Goldfish® Chocolate Grahams. They also make a good snack to serve before dinner while the guests wait on the main course! 

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The holidays are all hustle and bustle, getting things decorated, baked and cleaned up for holiday guests. The kids have massive lists for Santa and those elves have to get hard at work wrapping everything just so.

Behind all the Christmas business are a tired looking mom and dad. We can't have that when we have guests to host. P&G has some great products for his and her to ensure mom and dad look and feel their best this holiday season. 

For him:

Men can be as bad as women when it comes to taking care of themselves in the washroom. Do you really blame them? They only want to look and smell their best for the ones they love, too. The new Old Spice Swagger line should have him smelling and feeling fresh in no time! Start off with in the shower with Old Spice Swagger body wash paired with Old Spice antiperspirant to give him an irresistible scent from head to toe. If the holiday celebrations run into the night and he needs to freshen up in a flash, try Old Spice Re-fresh body spray to quickly get that fresh feeling back and get on with the festivities!

For his hair he can keep silky smooth, volumized and flake free with Head & Shoulders Advanced Thickening Tonic while Old Spice Spiffy Wax can keep his 'do in place all day! 

Clean up those Movember moustaches with Gillette Fusion ProGlide with Flexball technology power. Designed to respond to the contours of a man's face, this razor will have him feeling smooth and fresh under the mistletoe. 

For her:

A happy mom means a happy holiday season. It's time to pamper ourselves just a bit, moms. Mom will look her best with the new Herbal Essences The Sleeker the butter line which includes shampoo, conditioner and The Sleeker the butter smooth and creamy hair milk which all work to smooth hair and keep flyaways from happening all day long! 

If you are like me and enjoy styling your hair with blow dryers, curling irons or flat irons for special occassions, try Pantene Pro-V heat potion serum to add an extra layer of protection to your hair from damage up to 450 degrees to help keep it healthy looking. 

December can be such a draining month with so much to do and so little sleep happening. Keep dark circles under control with Olay Regenerist Luminus Dark Circle Correcting Hydraswirl and watch the appearance of bags and dark circles dissapear.

However you celebrate the holiday season know that you (and him) can both pamper yourselves to look and feel your best for your festivities with help from P&G! 

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Every year technology makes some great advances with new devices coming to the market that can possibly help make our lives easier. Laptops, smartphones and tablets have opened the doors to everything mobile and now we have new aged "wearable tech" that can allow us to do even more. 

We all know what a blue tooth headset does, it allows us to be safe and hands free while chatting on our smartphones but what exactly is this new aged wearable tech and what does it do? 

Wearable tech is exactly that - Technology you wear! From smart watches that keep you in the know on the go and fitness bands that monitor your body to dog training collars for Fido and even soothing stress calming devices that work with your brain waves, there is a wearable gadget for just about everyone.

Best Buy Canada has teamed up with Canadian Comedienne Debra DiGiovanni (who is also a self proclaimed technophobe) to introduce you to the world of wearable tech in a series called "What the heck is wearable tech?!". 

In this fun video and blog series, you can find out first hand how these gadgets work. In her first video, Debra demonstrates the Muse head band gadget. It looks like it would take some getting used to. The second video focuses on the fitness wearable tech - the Fitbit Charge fitness tracker. I have heard of FitBit before but I have not personally tried the bands out myself. Debra gives us a hilarious outtake of what one could expect while using this gadget. Take a look at this video: 

If you're planning on getting that special someone new wearable tech like the Fitbit Charge this holiday season Best Buy Canada is the place to go. There are hundreds of different things to choose from at prices you can afford plus if your a self proclaimed technophobe yourself, the Geek Squad is always there to lend a helping hand.

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Attention all bloggers and social media enthusiasts! I have some exciting news to share with everyone! If you haven't already heard the buzz, the 2015 BConnected Conference has been officially announced! Yay!!

What: Join us for the awesome two-day blogging conference you won't want to miss. The BConnected Conference offers four amazing components: 11 interactive sessions, 4 keynote speakers (including returning keynote Dino Dogan), an exciting exhibitors hall showcasing some great brands, a Networking cocktail party so you can really get to know your fellow bloggers, plus so much more!

When:  May 2nd and 3rd, 2015

Where: The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Aylmer/Gatineau, Quebec Canada.

I had such a great time last year that I'm doing it all over again! This will be my second year involved with the BConnected Conference - this year as Community Outreach! My shiny new button will be up on the sidebar as soon as its ready!

If you have any questions about the conference, concerns or are just as excited as I am for this please don't be shy to reach out on Twitter or send me an email! I will be happy to answer any questions or if I can't, point you to another team member who can! 

You can learn more about the rest of the team on the website including our 'Chief B' Lyne Proulx who has done amazing work putting this all together. You'll want meet everyone when you come to the conference! 

Early bird tickets are on sale RIGHT now for $179 + fees. Maybe ask Santa? Order yours (or a gift for a loved one) today! 

The BConnected Conference and team are always welcoming and friendly whether you are a seasoned blogger or new blogger, we hope to see you there. Be sure to visit the website often for updates and follow along on social media Twitter and Facebook, too! 

Posted in participation as part of the BConnected Conference 2015 team. Opinions and comments on this blog are always honest and those of the author. 


December is here and we all know that Christmas is just around the corner! I can't wait, I am almost as excited as the kids. What can I say, I love giving gifts and seeing people smile, especially my kids. 

Part of our tradition as I have mentioned before is including Kinder Surprise in our Christmas festivities. They make a great addition to the holiday stocking and there are also other new ways we can celebrate the holidays with Kinder Surprise, beyond just stocking stuffers.

Kick off the holiday season and start a new kind of tradition with a Kinder Surprise advent calendar and count down the days to Christmas with a delicious chocolate treat every day! 

For the "hard to buy for", why not a Kinder Surprise? They come in more options than just eggs like the hollow Santa, 100g egg and Maxi Kinder Surprise eggs! You'd be surprised to see the kid inside come right out opening up a Kinder Surprise of any size. 

Nieces and nephews? No problem! Give them each a Kinder Surprise tree or train which contains three Kinder Surprise eggs.

For younger ones who may not be old enough to have the toy inside the Kinder Surprise there are always Kinder Mix which includes a mix of Kinder treats and a plush. My kids have some lambs they received one year for Easter. They're soft and so cute! 

Instead of only baked treats to munch on, why not offer your holiday guests a Kinder treat with mini eggs. Place a bunch in a festive bowl or decorative basket and your guests can help themselves. Just keep an eye on the little ones who may help themselves a little too much! They're so good! 

If you are unlucky and happen to break a Kinder Surprise on the way home somehow, don't worry! You can always eat the pieces and check out the toy yourself OR you could make some yummy treats with the broken parts. Melt it down for a chocolate treat like hot chocolate or you can break it up smaller and substitute chocolate chips in your holiday baking.

Give the gift of #KinderSmiles, no matter how you celebrate the holidays! Visit the Kinder Canada Facebook page and follow @KinderCanada on Twitter for the latest news and fun contests!

Posted in participation with the #KinderMom ambassador program. Perks and incentives are received as part of this program. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 


Nothing makes Christmas more magical for a child than waking up on Christmas morning with the excitement of Santa's visit and find items under the tree and around the room with their names on them.

Personalized holiday items are always a hit. When I was little my mom made us personalized Christmas stockings with our names on them. It felt so special having something for Christmas just for us. I still have mine to this day and I use it every Christmas. It brings back so many memories and I think it's a wonderful keepsake to have from my childhood. 

This year our kids are going to be sharing the magic of Christmas memories with their very own personalized Knit Christmas Stockings from Stuck On You! Made from quality cotton knit, these personalized Christmas Stockings will make a great keepsake for the kids and I know they will be so excited to hang them up along side our Christmas tree this year! 

Each stocking measures 33 cm to the heel, 18 cm from the heel and 13 cm wide. Each stocking can be personalized with your child's name embroidered on it. There are two designs to choose from: stripes and trees. The knit style really brings that homemade feeling back to the holidays. 

You can find these and other great personalized holiday gift ideas like Santa Bags and Letters from Santa at www.StuckonYou.ca! Order now and get started making your own Christmas traditions! 

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As our daughters grow up we notice things about today's toys that seem to all have one thing in common - they are older than the girls who play with them. What happened to wholesome goodness that was once simple dress up dolls and make believe? 

My oldest daughter loves dolls, even model-type dolls. I like them too, some of them are great and I've even blogged about them. I also love seeing dolls that bring you back that breath of fresh air. Ones that are geared toward the innocents of being a child with a deeper desire than simply beauty or fashion. 

This Christmas my daughter asked for one particular doll, Maplelea Girls. Maplelea Girls dolls are geared toward girls aged 6-12 and help teach young girls about Canada. 

Each girl comes from a different province, wears different clothes and has their own different story. These dolls are realistic looking with long flowing hair, posable limbs and crystal looking eyes that open and close. They stand 18" tall and you can purchase accessories and play sets to make your little girls set complete. 

We were sent over the Leonie doll to review along with a new clothing set horse riding outfit,"Poppy Pensees" for her. Each outfit comes with a journal page, a blank journal page and a Maplelea Girl hanger. While outfits can range in price depending what you choose, this particular one goes for $34. The quality of the outfits is realistic unlike typical "doll clothes". 

Leonie is from Quebec city, the capital of its province and one of the prettiest cities in Quebec! Leonie always likes to look her best and always co-ordinates her outfits! She comes wearing a detailed soft knit top, a printed/embroidered fabric skirt and dressy red boots. Her long hair is honey brown and eyes are hazel. 

She also comes with a 64 page story journal that expands to include the extra journal pages that comes with each extra outfit, all the journals are bilingual and include questions, blanks and prompts for your child to tell their story too. 

Leonie and all her accessories come in a beautiful, handy and sturdy keepsake storage box to keep everything safe and in one place! 

What I like about these dolls first and foremost is that they are Canadian and they are collectible. There are so few dolls that represent the heritage of our country, its nice to see MapleLea Girls leading the way and teaching a young generation about their country through imaginative play.

The detail put into these dolls is incredible from the long flowing hair to glassy eyes and long eye lashes. The girls all have a sweet and innocent face. They are very wholesome and the outfits are beautiful. These dolls are great because they are something for play but also something they can collect. They make wonderful gifts for that doll collector in your family.

There are six Maplelea Girls including Leonie to choose from or you can customize your own with a Maplelea Friends doll for $99!  For more information about Maplelea Girls or to order your free catalogue, please visit the official website!

Posted on behalf of Maplelea Girls. Complimentary product received as a thank you for posting. Opinions and comments on this blog are always honest and those of the author. Images copyright A Motherhood Experience 2014.