Every year my hubby and I look for new and fun ways to update our home decor. Lately we have been talking about the bedroom. Every time I make my bed I think to myself "this needs to change". Right now our room is a mix and match of browns, dark and light. It's nice but the bedding has to be updated. We have had the same duvet cover on our bed for the past six years. You know when you get tired of looking at the same colours/patterns over and over. Plus, over time with use the material is just not the same. I want my silky softness back. 

We have been inspiration hunting more or less, checking around on different websites, shops etc for ideas that would make our bedroom more relaxing, more welcoming and more us. I am not one for floral or anything bright and distracting, I want my room to look elegant and relaxing.

Frette has has everything to make almost any room in your house updated, chic and elegant, including the bedroom.

I like how you can search the various menus for just what you are looking for be it pillows, shams or an entire bedroom style. I would probably go for something like this for a new bed look:

Picture it with a light shade of beige on the walls with white accent and add in some light brown throw rugs instead of the tile floor. The bedding is chic yet not too loud with patterns, we are pretty plain and simple people. I do think that lamp is super awesome, I wish my room was bigger!

Knowing hubby, he likes things a little lighter and I can see him going for something more like this: 

Our headboard does not look like that, although that one is pretty amazing! I think I would go with an off-white sheet set instead of the grey/white shown here. White always seems to get the best of me, even when I'm sleeping. 

These are just a couple of examples of the simple style we would be looking for. We have a lot more research to do but happy to have found some inspiration to get this job done through Frette.com.

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  1. I love beautiful bedding! That last photo certainly looks very comfortable and peaceful to me!



  2. Nice inspiration shared!!!! There are various ways available for home decor. Check and buy home decor online India and make your home more attractive.


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